Monday, November 10, 2014

Massachusetts Mayor Shows True Fracker Stripes

I have read your palm and there are serious problems!

(developing story--check back for more details...)

By Lou Saboter

Fracker stripes--colorless, but not odorless!

Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) issued a complaint with the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission Enforcement Division against Pittsfield Mayor Daniel L. Bianchi (D-Pittsfield). They cited conflict of interest and violations of state ethics law in his handling of the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct Project.

Bianchi has 30 years of experience in the energy industry, including his employment as a Manager for Global Montello Corporation before becoming Mayor of Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 2012.

Bianchi quit his position as Manager but has remained an employee of Global Montello Corporation while serving as Mayor of Pittsfield.  Critics point out that the Mayor has maintained an office for his work with Global Montello, but a one minute walk from City Hall, for most of his administration.

Bianchi has expressed his uniqueness and individuality by being the only the only elected official in
Berkshire County to come out in favor of the controversial Tennessee Gas Pipeline extension.

And yet, some are not impressed by his maverick ways. For why?

Luckily, emergency management is already in place for when things go terribly wrong. However, you will have to provide a lot of personal info if you want to be protected against their misdeeds. But, you know, you have to compromise somewhere.

And you better! Here's a link to a list of gas pipeline explosions

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