Monday, November 17, 2014

Fate of Jim Carrey Weighed Among Conspiros

MK Ultra Moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live

It's so overt, it's covert.
— Sherlock Holmes

By Lou Saboter

(taking Carrey to his logical conclusion...)

The Illuminati have gone postmodern, openly laying bare what has filtered into the general awareness. This is a continuation of the age old hidden-in-plain-sight tactics that have served them well. An appearance by Jim Carrey on Jimmy Kimmel Live took the game to new heights with oblique references to the eye-seeing eye, Bohemian Grove, MK Ultra, and direct reference to the use of Hollywood for propaganda purposes.

Interestingly, the discussion often turns to whether Jim Carrey is drugged up, could soon be suicided as part of a sacrifice, or whether he is making a desperate plea for help. This naturally follows from conjecture about the possibly occult reasons for the deaths of Joan Rivers, Paul Walker, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The plea for help idea may also come from more sincere such signals from comedian and actor Dave Chapelle in the past.

However, if Carrey is an Illuminati agent, he is effectively squelching such considerations by making the mere thinking of such thoughts seem preposterous. This is neurolinguistic programming whereby association with ideas and terms become a sort of inner taboo. If this is the case, Carrey is the worst kind of traitor to his fellow actors. If he's being forced to do these things, then a history of strange pronouncements in the past could convince the public of his instability. Not only did he embrace the wish-fulfilling metaphysics of The Secret, but he made a creepy love letter video to Emma Stone that rattled a lot of nerves. Some would argue his spiritual declarations are part of the religious practices of higher level Freemasons as portrayed to the public.

On the other hand, could all be brilliant marketing and nothing more. As Carrey said in Cable Guy, "there's no end to the possibilities!" Maybe this is why he makes the big money? Maybe he's trying to get himself an insurance policy against the Illuminati?

I've got it! I've got it! The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true! Right?

Another theory which I came across is that this is part of a sort of Hunger Games lottery among actors. They all try to provide misdirection for their masters, and, whoever excels at this, gets to pick who gets sacrificed to Lucifer next. Chris Rock, for instance, helped to take down Michael Jackson.  

Meanwhile, some of Carrey's references, such as the "they get out there, in the woods, in a circle, naked, and decide these things" have all too easy correlates in actual reality. Bohemian Grove was discussed on tape by Richard Nixon, who called it "the faggiest goddamned place on Earth" and its "Cremation of Care" ceremony has been filmed since. This involves offering up a sacrifice to a massive owl statue in order to remove conscience so that power brokers can act without consideration for the little people who may be affected. His seeming state of induced trance, when he answered his iPhone, is a reference to MK Ultra programming, in which triggering phrases can cause a switch to another personality created through trauma-based partitioning of the brain.

Carrey's incorporation of Illuminati themes into his act is nothing new, occurring as far back as his time on In Living Color. He recently appeared on Saturday Night Live pulling some of the same sorts of stunts, dressed as Baphomet, and then discussing Illuminati as a demented old man.

Interestingly or not, Mark Dice, an Illuminati-illuminator, has been following these sorts of things carefully. He also discredits other conspiracy theorists, including Bill Cooper, and has been accused of being controlled opposition.

A little known fact is that we conspiracy analysts have our own lottery where we all accuse each other of being disinfo agents in order to determine who gets to get assassinated in order to finally gain credibility. Also, we say contradictory things on purpose to win more disinfo attacks from up and coming truthers.

Besides that, Mark Dice is a crisis actor who was seen playing a cop at Sandy Hook.

To conclude: "The Freedom for Animals Association on Second Avenue-
Is the secret headquarters of the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
They're the ones who are gonna do it.
I can't do anything more now. I have to go.
Have a merry Christmas! "

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