Wednesday, November 26, 2014

While You're Watching Ferguson Burn...Creepy New Regulations

Cui Bono? (who benefits?)

 "We are a nation of immigrants" -- President Obama

By Lou Saboter

Obama likes imperialism, if we are to go by his aversion to the law. The Washington Post reported he's passed hundreds of illegal rules, and more are coming. 

Literally thousands of new regulations are set to get pushed through while the nation remains in shock over the Ferguson PSYOP. This PSYOP will also serve to mitigate the resistance since many of the new regulations are boosts to the developing Orwellian police state, in which psychiatric surveillance in order to promote gun control is part of the agenda. After being confronted with images of Ferguson burning to the ground, martial law tactics won't be totally unwelcome.  

 The new rules are marked by agency affected, previous laws affected, what precedents allow for them, how much priority they have, and at what stage they are. Some are just proposals, while others have advanced toward final consideration. Their level of economic impact is also often mentioned.

Many of the new rules pertain to Obamacare, its relationship with different groups, and a standardization in line with it. One rule is titled "Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters", for instance. There are many rules related to Obamacare, and they are mostly marked as economically significant, and could affect the entire country.

Many coincide nicely with the immigration reform by executive order that allows for 5 million illegal immigrants to avoid deportation. This may trigger a tsunami of new immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security was prepping for immigration reform long before it was announced as a definite future possibility. It's important to remember the rightwing extremists report, which outlines enemies of the DHS: enemies like veterans, Christians, constitutionalists, and activists.  Their web page is geared toward selling it now, reminding us we are a "nation of immigrants." 

Camps are set up around the country to receive them (HR 645), and immigrants often find themselves undergoing medical treatments that have been described as less than hospitable. A new rule: " updates to the definition of "communicable disease of public health significance," mental disorders, drug abuse, and in addition; require proof of vaccination." This conveniently creates a cash cow and a means for pushing the depopulation, pseudo-environmental Agenda 21 for the corporatist state.

Because the Department of Homeland Security handles both immigration and counter-terrorism, it's easy to connect them also with the militarization of the police in America, and the increasingly Orwellian police state. Meanwhile, the NDAA already allows for the detention of Americans for any reason. 

Also student tracking is part the ICE program, and increased data collection is on the docket. This means that Obama's gun control programs, which include psychiatry, will be promoted.With the immigration reform, this means a massive increase in power for the DHS of which ICE is a part.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz discussed these possibilities in the documentary In Lies We Trust, in which the medical establishment is weaponized to reduce the population instead of providing health. One rule actually appears to admit that vaccines are harmful, offering compensation if this occurs.
This is based on a 2011 report, and could be a sales routine to open the door to more vaccinations. Part of this may be reflected in new "medically underserved population" definitions.

There is also included incentives for improving electronic health records, something which it has been previously recommended could be enhanced by the use of RFID chips. This is in H4872 here, see page 1014.

Another rule would address the standards for bloodborne pathogens, such as ebola. 

Other rules seem intended to facilitate the increased use of water poisoning fracking to acquire energy. A bevy of new rules regulating energy use are also included, down to light fixtures, c
ommercial water heating equipment, and ceiling fans. 

Agricultural reforms pertaining to organic foods are also included.   

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