Monday, November 10, 2014

All the White Roses of the Sky

and laughs.
Even the demons
become angels unaware
when your job
is the garden to repair.
The white-eyed Moon
like the end
of time in bloom.
The fear of coming
to a beginning,
appears the very
root of sinning.
Greed is a strut
on a plank,
the tiger shark's
mouth so dank.
Take this flower
while you can.
Gaining is losing
and losing is always tea time.
There's mercury in that high hat,
Mr. Rabbit,
all the world is mad,
that is the extent
of the pride of man.
Take this flower
while you can,
I'm getting old
but never will
I get as old
as your wicked trick!
will live forever,
you silly prick.
Here is your special blend:
the Lord knows
your end

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