Friday, November 21, 2014

ABC News Blocks me for Pointing out the Obvious about FSU Shooter

By Lou Saboter

For the crime of pointing out the obvious, ABC News blocked me---then erased my comments.

Free press!

I thought this link was pretty relevant:

Also, consider this bevy of mind control patents. 

Another angle pursued by James Tracy is that this is part of a psyop to get conspiracy theorists to be considered insane and forced into mental treatment. This follows a pattern also seen in the U.K. where David Cameron has labelled conspiracy theorists as dangerous extremists. 

Hilariously, back in 1979, ABC News reported this, maybe before the Zionist takeover of United States media.

Oh yeah, Zionists also run Hollywood.

And control the money supply.

And there are many dual Israeli-American citizens in government.

So, why would Zionists would to suppress CIA mind control tactics aimed at taking guns from citizens? Hmm...

The Zionist in charge of ABC News is Bob Iger.

Why this is also important is you have to look at other trends in the Zionized western world. In England, free speech is taking a tumble. Someone who tweeted an antisemitic message to an MP, Luciana Berger, in the U.K. was actually jailed for the action. David Cameron, a Zionist puppet, has also announced that conspiracy theorists are the same as terrorists.

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