Monday, November 10, 2014

DEP Says Permit Application for Oil Well at Old Corkscrew Plantation has been Withdrawn

The DEP's press contact Dee Ann Miller confirmed today that the the application for the permit to drill at the Old Corkscrew Plantation has been withdrawn. The permit would have allowed drilling right outside of the CREW Land and Water Trust, where there are hiking trails, campgrounds, and many examples of local fauna and flora to witness.

This was after a series of concerns were raised by Southwest Florida Water Management District about water contamination possibilities, the use of explosives to do seismic surveys in a region inhabited by endangered species, missing documentation for the permit application, and evidence of fracking found in documents by the Anti-Fracking Movement of Lee County, plus the shady dealings behind the operation involving a camera shy agent of Tirion Group, Cengiz Hancer.

Cengiz Hancer had a lawyer send me a threatening letter after these facts were reported. 

No doubt other recent issues, such as the release of materials about lacks of public disclosure about the use of fracking at the Collier-Hogan well by the Dan A. Hughes Co. also helped to nix the plans to move forward with such a potentially catastrophic operation in an environmentally sensitive area.

Where the Well was Planned

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