Thursday, November 20, 2014

FSU Shooting a Diversion from Jewett Middle School Fiasco?


4:21 PM--Shooter was revealed to be former student/lawyer Myron May.  Was this the same shooter who killed Dan Markel, an FSU professor? Read to the bottom...

Myron May believed the government was targeting him, according to recovered documents. 

Gunshots were reported by the LA Times? at Florida State University at the Strozier Library. At least 2 people were reported shot. Details are still emerging of this amazingly common phenomenon.

Later, the number shot was changed to 3. The gunman was reported killed for refusing to drop his weapon. There was also a report of possibly another gunman.

 A student made video showed students in a corner listening to a purported police announcement. As I've seen happen before with these sorts of events, Europeans mysteriously appear and announce how great non-gun Europe is.  Paid government trolls are a documented phenomenon.

And this 2nd one even tried to plant the idea we should have demonstrations to have our rights taken away.

The announcement idiotically said call 911 if you know someone was shot, or that someone has a gun, but don't if you don't know someone was shot or who has a gun.

On 11/17/14, an "ultra-realistic" drill at Jewett Middle School, also in Florida, terrified students.

A conspiracy analyst suggested this shooting was a set-up to cover for the Jewett Middle School debacle. The principal was canned.

The story has spread like prairie fire across the interwebs.

Bill Cooper warned that scenarios like this had been prepared to be put into action in Behold a Pale Horse. An online conspiracy analyst offered the DRE program as another way to create shooters.

Some conspiracy analysts believe in crisis actors, and entire events being made up. But others say using brainwashed shooters is more likely. This sort of notion, of using drugged up, traumatized shooters, goes back at least to the assassination of Robert Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan who didn't remember the event. There may be some actors involved, but the shootings themselves appear to be real from the bulk of the evidence.

Earlier this year, FSU began allowing guns on campus, but only in vehicles.

The twitter circus was a bit interesting...

Apparently, an ESPN reporter made a sports joke which drew the ire of many.

Here's some tweets.

A professor was shot at FSU on July 18, 2014.  Some feel Dan Markel's death was tied to the New Jersey "Get" Ring Rabbis whom he was considering consulting.

 Apparently, some Orthodox Jewish wives will pay big money to get a divorce when it's denied, the so-called "agunah crisis." They don't mind if the husband gets tortured to form his willingness.

Before his death, Markel received messages saying it was important to shut people like him down. This appeared to be from an angry, struggling and former law student, a Georgian atheist.

Online sleuths have also speculated about Markel's wife.

Here is some of Dan Markel's work. He was against the use of shame as a punishment. He believed that George Zimmerman should be found innocent.
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