Thursday, November 20, 2014

FSU Shooter Feared Government Brainwashing, was Targeted Individual

By Lou Saboter

The FSU shooter, Myron May, believed the government was reading his mind, according to police. He fits the profile of a targeted individual who was then employed for political purposes, in this case pushing gun control.

Most likely, they were. Electronic telepathy technologies have been documented and admitted to by government whistleblowers, and were part of the MK Ultra Subproject 119 program.

In fact, the Naval Yard shooter make the same "delusional" complaint

There is a long history of using drugs and mind control to create assassins. The word assassin comes from the 11th century Order of Hashishin. It's possible that there isn't actual covert mind control technologies used other than drugs, suggestions, and threats.This secret society convinced inductees that truth only lay within, and that actions created reality, while the masses were slaves to dogma. They practiced suicide assassins, and would be labelled terrorist or suicide bombers today (although they didn't tend to use bombs).

An MK Ultra survivor, Cathy O'brien, spoke of other shooting as related to MK Ultra training. These shootings we've seen splashed dramatically onto the TV screens and across the internet do have many striking similarities, including, generally, the death of the shooter.

His Facebook was already taken down, of course, but he apparently spoke of remote neural monitoring.  This made others conivnced he was mentally unstable, when in fact he was merely informed.

He included links to Targeted Individuals International on his Facebook, which may in fact be a group that helps the government coordinate their brainwashing activities.

The real culprit here is the public, which chooses to remain willfully ignorant of documented covert government programs and technologies because they "sound crazy." After investigation, it turns out they are facts.

Of course, it was noted May had quit his job and took medication. HALF the country is on medication, because everything is mental illness. But everyone will continue to mindlessly assume these school shootings are just because guns.

The government has therapists and psychiatrists set up as part of this operation. These events always go down with the shooter either dead or obviously in a state of drug-induced delirium.

This won't end until they get what they want--your rights.

And how is it gotten away with? Well, there's the Zionist controlled media, Zionist controlled Hollywood, and Zionist controlled money supply.  You connect the dots from there yourself.

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