Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More about Jim Carrey's Connections with the New World Order

By Lou Saboter

Recently, Jim Carrey bravely went onto Jimmy Kimmel Live and mocked conspiracy theorists. It seemed like a ridiculous thing to think about, so I decided to ponder it for days. Some people thought it was just funny, because everyone knows how crazy conspiracy theorists are. Some people thought it was a plea for help, because Jim Carrey may be afraid he is going to be targeted, like Dave Chappelle was. And others think that Jim Carrey is helping to keep the New World Order game on track. Right now, I'm with this last group, and here's why.

First off, how can Jim Carrey mock conspiracy theorists when this is Jim Carrey being his "honest" self?

As Jim Carrey pointed out on Jimmy Kimmel Live, most people are hip to the New World Order and the Illuminati at this point, thanks to the internet. Unfortunately, that kind of awakening, even if it hasn't quite hit the dimensions many would like to see, can pose a serious problem. Especially when your agenda is as broad-ranging and radical as that which the Illuminati desire.

And what are these? Well, this will be difficult to fully cover in a blog entry, but many clues are offered by the Georgia Guidestones and by a brief survey of quotes by globalists. I'm going to use the Georgia Guidestones as a launching points, and urge readers to research these things in more depth on their own.

The Georgia Guidestones are a monument in Elberton, Georgia which portray 10 commandments in 8 different languages on four slabs of stone supported by a capstone. These commandments were supposedly authored by R.C. Christian, which is believed to be a pseudonym. Many clues point at Ted Turner being the actual author, and R.C. Christian probably is an oblique reference to Rosicrucians. The commandments concern a desire to "maintain" the population at 500,000,000, "guide" reproduction, "unify" with a "living language", promotion of enlightenment era values, a "world court", "harmony with the infinite", and a final somewhat redundant commandment that sort of echoes the first that repeats "leave room for nature."

Oddly, you can't "maintain" the population at 500 million when it's already far surpassed that. Now, granted, the commandments were poorly written, but some think that maybe they want to reduce the population to 500 million.

According to research of my own and others, the globalists want to control humanity completely through various means. These are broken down into digestible quantities on globalistagenda.org, and here we'll look at the control through the "media/culture" and "religion."

So, the "media/culture" angle is how the Illuminati uses such vehicles as the news and entertainment to entrance you. Jim Carrey fits the bill perfectly here, especially since his new movie is Dumb and Dumber To. This movie, which on the surface seems to be a mockery of idiocy, is actually extolling it, as the protagonists are the dopes. There is more to this, which I went into in this article. Since the use of entertainment for mass hypnosis purposes must be assumed to have been taken to the point of a high art, such issues as reverse hypnosis, predictive programming, and neurolinguistic programming should also be considered. "Reverse hypnosis" is when something seems to be about one thing, which is positive, but is actually about the opposite or something else entirely. In this way, an evil is swallowed by the mind unaware. "Predictive programming" is when future events that are planned by the elite are suggested in entertainment so that they take on an inevitability via subconscious manipulation, and also so that those who notice them are easily discredited. Many examples are online.  "Neurolinguistic programming" is a form of manipulation in which ideas are anchored to certain perceptions through various devices such as colors, body language, and other associations in order to reprogram behavior, again through subconscious manipulation. These are just starting point to consider again, research on your own.

Another thing the New World Order uses to manipulate the masses is religion. In this case, the goal is a one world religion, since religion is seen as a divisive issue. The so-called New Age religion fits the bill since it can be used to break down other belief systems. Here, Jim Carrey also shows his NWO cred with his touting of New Age spirituality along with Eckhart Tolle.  Interestingly, Eckhart Tolle was also promoted by Oprah Winfrey. This drew the ire of Christians since he claims that Jesus is not necessary for "oneness" with God. Christians often insist that the New World Order is the plan of the Anti-Christ. In fact, Winfrey herself was accused of being the Anti-Christ

Oprah Winfrey, as it turns out, was at a 2009 meeting, called the Good Club, where issues involving the population were discussed, along with other philanthropic issues. Ted Turner was also there. Philanthropy is also about control, and many organizations with seemingly positive agendas have hidden purposes, as is exemplified in the 1001 Club, for instance.

The point in this article is that Carrey is not only playing out a role as an actor duping the public in movie theaters, but is actively endorsing one world religion with Eckhart Tolle. Tolle's connections with Oprah Winfrey run deep, including the setup of the New Earth Church (also called the Church of Oprah). And, apparently, Carrey is a disciple of this church, if not a priest.

He "wants to take as many people" with him as he possibly can...

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