Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Evidence the Government Used the SPLC and KKK Together to Start a Race War

Visually Cuing the Race War Against Whites: A Crypto-Jew with a Daryl Davis of the SPLC in Front of a Confederate Flag

By Lou Saboter

The SPLC has reported that the FBI admits infiltration of the KKK. And Frank Ancona has gotten WAY more press attention than he possibly deserves, all while covering his tracks telling Anonymous he doesn't trust the government and mainstream media. 

Meanwhile, another Klan says he's Jewish--could this be true?

It looks like the Ferguson event was planned way out in advance. They were just waiting for the right scenario to come up, and the shooting of Michael Brown was it. Meanwhile, the secretive grand jury proceedings will never reveal the actual story. We will be left with an official story, emotional scars, and more oppression. And no doubt more to come.

Ferguson Erupts in Chaos as Planned by the Zionist Owned Government

Frank Ancona, of the TAKKK, a branch of the Ku Klux Klan, appears to be quite the liberal Imperial Wizard. Not only does he embrace African-Americans in front of confederate flags, but he is very concerned about Jews being killed.

If you followed the antics between Anonymous and TAKKK on Twitter, it appears that they were actually the same group. This is why Anonymous was able to steal the TAKKK Twitter account, but NOTICE THEY NEVER BROUGHT UP THE JEWISH QUESTION or the SPLC CONNECTION. Plus they are working with Freemason Jesse Jackson.

Meanwhile, another KKK group started the rumor, which seems like it has some validity, that Frank Ancona was Jewish and in bed with the SPLC.  In fact, the other KKK group was harassed and threatened with a lawsuit when this information went out. A webpage signed by Pastor Morris Gulett, of Aryan Nations, attests to Frank Ancona's suspect nature.

After that, the Southern Poverty Law Center saw fit to run a denial about Frank Ancona's heritage. As a general rule, if a government agency puts out a denial, I tend to believe the opposite.

America is being played like a fiddle. These guys even dropped off KKK fliers all over the deep south in black and Hispanic neighborhoods to plant the seeds for a race war. Frank Ancona even claimed responsibility for this.

This was coordinated along with another mysterious figure, John Abarr.

The preparation was quite extensive, including these hidden Homeland Security vehicles

No one would expect the KKK and SPLC to work together. And the "liberal" agenda is advancing, which truly translates as turning the United States into an extension of Palestine. The Zionists feel entitled to kill off the Goyim, and get together to discuss this.

If they get the herd to stampede, new wonderful solutions, such as a total police state, will be demanded by the sheeple.

Ferguson has erupted on cue.

The SPLC even provides this handy KKK jargon guide. This TAKKK seems a government PSYOP. We are being turned into China!

Klan glossary

AKIA: A password meaning "A Klansman I Am", often seen on decals and bumper stickers.
Alien: A person who does not belong to the Klan.
AYAK?: A password meaning "Are You a Klansman?"
CA BARK: A password meaning "Constantly Applied By All Real Klansmen."
CLASP: A password meaning "Clannish Loyalty A Sacred Principle."
Genii: The collective name for the national officers. Also known as the Kloncilium, or the advisory board to the Imperial Wizard.
Hydras: The Real officers, with the exception of the Grand Dragon.
Imperial Giant: Former Imperial Wizard.
Imperial Wizard: The overall, or national, head of a Klan, which it sometimes compares to the president of the United States.
Inner Circle: Small group of four or five members who plan and carry out "action." Its members and activities are not disclosed to the general membership.
Invisible Empire: A Ku Klux Klan's overall geographical jurisdiction, which it compares to the United States although none exist in every state.
Kalendar: Klan calendar, which dates events from both the origin and its 1915 rebirth Anno Klan, and means "in the year of the Klan," and is usually written "AK."
Kardinal Kullors: White, crimson, gold and black. Secondary Kullors are grey, green and blue. The Imperial Wizard's Kullor is Skipper Blue.
K.B.I.: Klan Bureau of Investigation.
KIGY!: A password meaning "Klansman, I greet you!"
Klankfraft: The practices and beliefs of the Klan.
Klanton: The jurisdiction of a Klavern.
Klavern: A local unit or club; also called "den."
Kleagle: An organizer whose main function is to recruit new members. In some Klans, he gets a percentage of the initiation fees.
Klectokon: Initiation fee.
Klepeer: Delegate elected to Imperial Klonvokation.
Klonkave: Secret Klavern meeting.
Klonverse: Province convention.
Kloran: Official book of Klan rituals.
Klorero: Realm convention.
SAN BOG: A password meaning "Strangers Are Near, Be On Guard."
Terrors: The Exalted Cyclops' officers.

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