Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson: Zionism Squared

By Lou Saboter

These are very dark days. Marvin Gaye once asked "what's going on," and people still don't know. Meanwhile, a race war is set to break out across the country, with the possibility of new freedoms being seized by our Zionist occupied government.

What's going on is your OWNERS are ripping this country to pieces so that you accept, maybe even beg for, the surrender of more of your freedoms.

The Ferguson agenda is plainly aimed at riling up the public to go at each other's throats while ignoring those who pull the strings. Playing on age old racial tensions in America, the public has been pushed into irrational action.

I suspect Frank Ancona, the Wizard himself, is the man behind the curtain, inciting riots, and giving names out. And people were suspecting this blown up story right from the beginning.Fake Twitter accounts are part of the way they steer us into the actions they desire.

Frank Ancona has a history of squelching violence against Jews, and of covering his identity with the Southern Poverty Law Center's assistance.  Meanwhile, in the lead up to this, he had his cronies distributing recruitment fliers to black and hispanic neighborhoods. This was the lighting of the fuse for the race war they're inducing.

Who would expect the KKK and the SPLC to work together?

Can anyone say WTF?

Meanwhile, false truthers, as I've taken to calling them, meaning youtubers who seem to be promoting government agendas, are inciting people to riot.

Whether or not you feel Darren Wilson is guilty or innocent, demanding a verdict under threat of protest isn't the way to go. Our rights to due process are ensured by the Bill of Rights. As are our rights to free speech and gun ownership.

We should be demanding the removal of Zionists from the Federal Reserve and strike at the root of the problem. You also should factor in the number of dual Israeli-Americans in our government.

If you're looking for a deep dark conspiracy, look at the guys who get together and discuss the rules of killing you all off. Furthermore, Zionists have the OK from God to kill you off. The USA will turn into a big extension of Palestine, then become the New Israel.

If you don't know you're controlled, you will never know to resist.

Wake up, America.

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