Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson and Immigration Reform Synchronized: PSYOP

They control the vertical. They control the horizontal.

By Lou Saboter

Having researched and reviewed my notes about Ferguson, its use as a PsyOp is quite clear. This is about war on the American public by the elite, weakening the fabric of the American nation. And the fact that the lack of an indictment on Darren Wilson came down the pipe into a hotbed of deliberately amped up racial tension right after the announcement of immigration reform on November 20th is no accident. Plus, it further serves to cover the passing of thousands of new regulations.

Some of the regulations being passed pertain to Agenda 21, a plan to hyper-regulate society under the guise of fighting global warming. The entire list is here.

A PsyOp is a sort of attack on public consciousness intended to produce certain attitudes, beliefs, and emotions. And scenarios and players are selected who can best affect the Target Audience (TA). Many who don't appreciate that this sort of propaganda is carried out on the American population may do well to research Operation Northwoods. For a brief official history of PSYOP, click here.

Before you speak of conspiracy, usually you notice evidence of cover up and manipulation. This was evident right from the start as many of the curious were trying to find evidence through Twitter feeds that are abundantly populated with government bots and trolls. Using bots, Twitter can put out mass meme feeds to manipulate public opinion. The activities of players whose identities could be kept secret through the use of Anonymous as a cover gave the PSYOP ample room in which to create a fixating drama. Anonymous, a group with whom many young radicals identify, is probably among the most tantalizing of groups to infiltrate in American history. And their preoccupation with themes of justice, police excess, and class war make them easy to manipulate.

Furthermore, the mainstream media's blowing up of the Michael Brown story, while it mostly ignored a 2nd killing that occurred soon after, shows that this event had been either predetermined or fit the bill for what they intended to pull off. The 2nd killing, of 25-year-old Kajieme Powell, even included live video, which probably excluded it from use since it lacked the requisite ambiguity to truly disturb the public herd with disagreement along racial lines. In the case of Michael Brown, there will always be questions about what really happened. This creates maximum emotional scarring. This confusion was partially created by a release of "bad info" that Bryan Willman was responsible for the shooting by an Anonymous group that was attacked by other Anonymous groups. Much of this was practiced on and perfected in the Trayvon Martin PSYOP.

Coordination between the media, government operatives, the domestic counterterrorism forces, shill activists, "bad guys", and politicians ensures the best results. This has been streamlined in the media by the selection of broadcasters who follow strict protocols and whose loyalty is ensured to control the conversation. Teleprompters and pre-selected guests assist in this process. The ability to buy the loyalty of politicians through campaign financing and backroom deals is also well known, and I won't delve into it here.

The counterterrorism component made itself known early on, with a show of militarized force with rampant abuses televised for all to see. This fired up the black public long since convinced of oppression, and the young white public fearing a future police state. Arrests and attacks on journalists were flattened out with repetition until it became clear that truth was a commodity in very short supply, never mind the lack of honest journalism to begin with. This was coupled with plenty of temporary "bad guys" such as Officer Go Fuck Yourself who became hot commodities of infotainment.

The use of increasingly militarized and faceless law enforcement units from outside communities serves the purpose of increasing the sense of hopelessness. Presented with what has the appearance of a foreign invading army and, in many senses of the word, is in fact one, the public feels increasingly corralled, a condition they are intended to become used to. In fact, the police are getting Israeli training, as are counter-terrorism units.

The presence of Prince Hall Freemasons Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton is also a big red flag of a PSYOP. Prince Hall accepts all races, while other Freemason halls exclude blacks. In fact, local black community leader Pastor Robert White was concerned about their presence, and had to argue with a reporter to confirm he wanted rational solutions. Sharpton has also been called an FBI informant by other representatives of the black community. Other staged media events similar to this are discussed here.

The central "bad guy" as far as manipulating the reactions of the young appears to have been TAKKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona. A long, admitted history of KKK infiltration by the FBI, and the use of media and the SPLC to both broadcast Ancona as a representative of the traditional KKK and as a "progressive" reformer of the same institution is another indicator of PSYOP. The infiltration and use of human rights groups and NGOs has also been documented, and human rights causes are often used to prompt military and other actions, such as in the faked testimony of "Nurse Nayirah".This black propagandist was perfectly suited to cover up the Zionist agenda, having established his credentials in the fake KKK long in the past.

Frank Ancona's distribution of fliers to black and Hispanic neighborhoods in the lead-up to the shooting shows the desire to keep the KKK in the minds of minorities, despite the fact that it is admitted to barely exist as a threat by the SPLC. When questions arose about Ancona's Jewish background, SPLC ran a denial. Meanwhile, he came across as a "politically correct" Klansman when necessary. MSNBC gave Frank Ancona a media platform to raise the stakes, and then ran a rationale to cover their tracks.

Ancona's distribution of a flier which promised "lethal force," but was worded carefully to allow an "exit strategy." Meanwhile, Anonymous was employed to create the impression that the police and the KKK were interconnected. This was simply done by shifting attention from "lethal force" to "defend ourselves." When Ancona needed his "exit strategy," Anonymous gladly helped him to cover his tracks with the absurd claim he doesn't trust government and mainstream media, and that they had misrepresented him. The Anonymous interviewer met him in a Steak and Shake, showing his identity, and complacently allowed Ancona to show what a swell guy he was after he had spent months lighting the fuse of the bomb that was now exploding.

Obama's announcement of immigration reform, which was considered a major event by the many in the white community, which prompted comparisons to Hitler, was suspiciously absent from the mainstream media. His revolution, in other words, would not be televised. The so-called liberal media made sure to attack these comparisons, turning it into a Republicans against Democrats puppet show.  After the public was delivered with this confusing new policy, attention was directed to the swirling tensions surrounding the Ferguson PSYOP.

The immigration reform has been effectively implanted and has basically disappeared from public discourse. The fake KKK has been tackled to the ground. The militarized police and counterterrorism units have absorbed the brunt of public scorn, along with businesses in Ferguson, and the Zionist elite press on with their agenda: the breakdown of the national character of the United States. An open borders character has thereby been promoted by players who would reject the same in Israel.

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