Sunday, November 9, 2014

Are You Finally Awake or Finally Insane (and why it makes no difference) in the End

to weaponize the truth.
I know you will try,
how can one "sell"
to shamed sluts and fetus soap African markets
with bombs qualms that only kill rights,
or to those "I want healthy children not jobs" demographics
a vaccine for believing what you see?
Grim Reaper
to turn reality into death,
I know the most loyal
to your vision
will kill and die
abuse and never find
their souls again,
I will help them,
if given attention and smile,
why not, I'm not proud denial.
to sharpen a flower
with hypodermic genocide,
try to diminish a star drunk sky
white phosphorus
in your Gaza din,
I know you're trying
made of futility,
carry on wayward prodigals
you are that eye
the circle a lie to
could be a vagina
with teeth on the top
of the pyramid reef ants sheep .
Try time into money
and greed into love
you will turn on each other
when push comes to shove.
When the last twist seems poised
to complete your vast disappointment plan
there will come another
because Mother Nature can.
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