Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why Obama is Lying about the FCC--Federal Censorship Commission

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By Lou Saboter

The internet, being understood as an extension of speech, a realm of discourse, freedom of exploration and expression, a new text of literary dimensions and democratization of art, a mad realm of memes and collaborations, where porn and poetry flow like milk and honey in a spaceship gravity all nonsense now, is being eyeballed by the Lucifer-worshiping elite as the greatest challenge to their perceived legitimacy.

The FCC, an independent body, wants to change all that free cyber-speeching thanks to the corporate-lizard Obama placed in charge of it. Now that he has unleashed the full forces of oppression on us all through the vehicles of the various intelligence communities, the militarized police, and the ever worsening Obamacare deal, we are supposed to believe this speech--

Meanwhile, the announcement of these all important rules has been put off, so that Obama can suck whatever ill-informed consent he can out of this perfidious tap dancing routine in order to further act upon his illegal war with Syria using the CIA-trained ISIS as his pretext, continue the construction of the frackageddon of America, and further divide the people of the United States from all their wealth and transferring it safely into the hands of the globalizing elite that he truly represents along with the rest of our supposed government.

It is good to remember that the Trojan African always speaks out of both sides of his mouth. When he wanted to be President he promised us transparency. However, it turned out, that he meant he wanted us to be transparent.

And he used to have a promise to watch out for whistleblowers on his webpage, but that went away soon after Edward Snowden fled the country to avoid the same fate as a Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, or Bradley Manning.

Many Democrats wanted to think that Obamacare was really about helping out the "little guy", but Obama quickly traded away the "public option" and Obamacare is quickly revealing itself as the latest extension of corporate slavery it truly represents.

Here's what happened when Obama said all options were on the table--

Many Democrats still make excuses for Obama, as if he were even close to a liberal, or leftist in any way (well, maybe in the Stalinist sense), when in fact he is just a neocon who pushes gay rights and feminism because these things help to unknit Christian communities which represent a threat to his technocratic vision of a total surveillance state, energy as money, and full spectrum dominance of the globe as the "New World Order" furthers its aims.

So, Obama's pretty little speech about protecting net neutrality is merely the ruse of a puppeteer hired by puppeteers further up the brood chain of the true Powers That Be.

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