Monday, October 20, 2014

Why Democracy Died in 1976

The only way we can win this informational civil war, is by educating a certain percentage of the population who will understand the technology and believe the thousands of witnesses. Only then, will government finally stop torturing and killing citizens with these directed energy weapons and apologize for their ‘indiscretions’. Then a new dawn for mankind will come of age that promises to unify the peoples of the world, eliminate pain, and possibly allow us to cheat death. It is the last war that will ever be fought. But the stakes are very high. It is our souls, our freedom of thought and expression, our uniqueness and individuality that will be lost forever if we fail.
 -- Dr. Robert Duncan

By Lou Saboter

Nothing has infuriated me more than the information put out by Dr. Robert Duncan about the targeting of American citizens for mind control experiments. Sure, the government is doing truly awful things: murdering foreign civilians, toppling democracies, assassinations, black ops, supplying weapons to genocidal governments, disinformation, etc. But that they'd use our tax dollars to hack into our brains in a program designed to make the victims look crazy, go crazy, get isolated from their families and friends, and to otherwise sedate, control, and monitor the population is just too much. It is enough to make one wish they were crazy, rather than face the god awful reality that it is totally real.

So monstrous are these programs that I am still proverbially rubbing my eyes waiting to wake up, knowing that this is a nightmare that won't just go away when I hear an ice truck outside that sounds oddly familiar and, when I open my eyes, turns out to be my alarm clock. 

And why was President Obama driving an ice cream truck?

I've suspected programs like this for a long time, and found out more details very slowly. The fact is my own life has been a mess for a long time. For years, I thought I just had terrible luck or was somehow creating my own problems. To some extent I was, but I now realize I had a lot of help, and, without knowing what I know now, simply had no way to effectively respond to the mental assault I was beset with by these awful technologies.

Dr. Robert Duncan
Dr. Robert Duncan came out some years ago with revelations about his contributions to a system that tortures American citizen without their knowledge or consent with psychotronic attacks. Although it was years ago, and he isn't kidding, the information has not been widely broadcast or picked up on, even in what you'd think all the alternative news sources. What has been done is a massive job of suppressing the information by painting those who'd even table such ideas as insane, paranoid, or just attention-seeking. The psyops (or PsychlOps as Duncan would have it) is so deep that I constantly rejected looking seriously into this subject, even when I began to suspect that I was being targeted by something myself. It wasn't until several very bizarre and unlikely scenarios occurred in a row that I realized that something was being done to me.

The internet is littered with debunking, disinformation, and debauchery. It is easy to get thrown off the trail. Eventually, you get better at picking up the scent of blood. There are those who love to discredit whistleblowers and truthtellers (or who just love the pay). And people want to be accepted and approved of. No one wants to be called a kook, a conspiracy theorists, or a paranoid. 

Anyway, we are rational, scientific people, by god, who eat genetically modified foods that shouldn't be labeled (that's baaaaad) or we'd know. The TV, all those magazines, politicians, salespeople, and CEOs couldn't be lying to us. That would be bad for us, and we are the chosen ones, the privileged, and the free. Seriously, people who disagree with the TV have some form of mental illness, and one day there will be a pill for it.

Yes, I wanted to believe all that. Unfortunately, such was the pressure these attacks took on me that eventually it caused me to become filled with rage which was misdirected and I ended up perceived as crazy.  Exactly the way the program is supposed to work. Oh, and it took a heavy financial toll on me--exactly the way it's supposed to work. But, from what I hear, a lot of targeted individuals have it worse. In my case, I started to have memory issues, visual hallucinations (eyes and owls), unaccountable mood shifts, and the rages as I explained. The point is for the government to completely destroy the individual in a manner which is also completely deniable. 

How clever. I mean, seriously, you have to hand it to these guys. They get shit done.

Dr. Duncan revealed some secrets. He wrote about how, in 1976, Robert Malech, working for Dorn and Margolin Inc., a defense contractor now owned by EDO Corporation (electronic warfare), invented a device that could read "whole brain electrical activity at a large distance." And Malech realized he would influence brain waves. This technology was immediately picked up by the military and surveillance community and embedded in pre-existing radar, terrestrial phased arrays, and surveillance satellites. TAMI (Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface) was born, in 1976. There was also developed the ability to created a destructive "scalar" wave at the "point of interest" that was nearly undetectable (from observing the Russian microwave bombardment of the United States embassy) and discovered how to read a brain from a great distance.

A process called "EEG cloning" was developed which was the imprinting of one brain map onto another actual brain. Duncan explained that this requires a database that can only be acquired by the torturing and killing of members of the population in what is called “Cataloguing and Cloning operations." Duncan says that the field of psychic and paranormal phenomenon was invented to deceive the population, and throw them off the scent of these operations. Mind reading operations were staged at first by the Psychic Warfare Unit at in the Pentagon, but later perhaps the Psychological Operations, Electronic Warfare, and Informational Warfare Units. Not only could minds be read, but they could be filled with imprints. Heterdyning explains everything in between these extremes. Another area is EEG hive mind, where a group shares brain waves. People are sometimes forced into a collective in a process called "BORGing."

Psychotronics is the term for the tools of psychophysicists, who study how to glean exact subjective experiences and/or reproduce them by electronic means. This technology continues to evolve in secret labs, and is to blame for the New World Order conspiracies, and others about secret societies, and satanic cults. These are the ultimate weapons of total control and, according to Duncan, have attracted the world's most evil scientists.

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