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Translation of: "MIND CONTROL V: Advanced mind control - "reading" the ideas and the retrieval of information from memory "


Mind control technology patent...

For technologies that operate in the spirit of man, there is a great application. It is still more research to measure brain waves and the subsequent "Producing information and computer processing, allowing ultimately recording, analysis and reprogramming thoughts of man. Influencing people by electronic telepathy and reading their thoughts is possible and these methods are still improved throughout the more advancing this technology. (Its development can clarify the principle of telepathy.) Is the change of ideas man has become the meantime theme of modern science, and it is more a creature of fantasy science fiction authors.
Nick Begich, Bewusstseins- und Gedankenkontrolle, Michaels Verlag 2007 (p. 119-121) "

"Reading" ideas

Important initiative to curb drug addiction:
"Brain Imaging Technology Initiative" (Initiative - brain recording technology). It is a joint project funded by CTAC, Department of Energy (DOE) and NIDA for the purpose of development:
1 / new scientific means (Isotropic new indicators and techniques) to understand the mechanisms of disease, depending
2 / new pharmaceutical therapies. "(ONDCP, CTAC, Counterdrug Research,

Record brain signals is possible not only to examine the above things, but also to determine the emotional state of man, chemical attack and read some of his ideas.

In 1995, the system has been developed which can capture and decode brain signals (brainwaves). This system consists of a transducer to stimulate the human brain, EEG - transducer to record brain waves and a computer to synchronize stimuli that act on that person. At the same time this system can be recorded brain signals (waves) and those further interpreted by:
a) model of understanding, perceptions and emotions (thoughts -chápania, -vnímania and -emócií), which correspond to the EEG signal or a person's thoughts, which are interpreted
b) comparing the signals with normal brain signals to locate the origin of this error function of the brain, which is subordinate to perception, skills and understanding feelings. (U.S. Patent, no. 5,392,788, William Hudspeth, 28.2.1995)

In other words, the machine reads the idea of ​​comparing the brain activity of test persons with brain activities of other people, which made ​​the new signals, which may be to alter the perception of feeling or sent back to the sample person.
Nick Begich, Bewusstseins- und Gedankenkontrolle, Michaels Verlag 2007 (p. 121)

In 1996 he developed the ultimate "Orwellsov" system "method for reading information from a distance, which relate to the emotional state of man. To this end, it is made of a signal wave form, frequency and power, which then is transmitted (radiated) to a remote object (person). Energy (wave signal), which is based on the object is received and automatically analyzed to derive information could be related to the emotional state of the person. Measure the physiological parameters such as blood pressure, pulse, lens size, condition breathing and sweating and these are compared with reference values ​​to obtain information with which it is possible to estimate the behavior and possible criminal intent of the selected person. "(U.S. Patent, no. 5,507,291 , Stirb, 16.4.1996)

The technology can thus be used to detect a person's intentions. He can overcome any protection that only a man can create. It is aimed precisely at the brain to see what is happening in the selected persons.

In another patent from 1975 describes a device that captures the distance a person's brain waves, and are transmitted to the brain electromagnetic signals of different frequencies simultaneously. Here the signals are translated and acquire a waveform which is modulated by brain object. The interleaved waveform resulting from the activities of the brain is engaged by the receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is visually displayed and sent for further processing to a computer. The demodulated signal can be used to produce a countervailing signal which is then sent to the person in order to achieve the desired change in electrical activity. "
(U.S. Patent, no. 3,951,134, Robert Malech, 20.4.1991)

Simply put it is measured brain activity by means of which defines emotional state, ability or understanding of a person's intellect. Thus can be made and the second signal may be sent back to the brain. Naturally the original signals the brain via this translated and brain energy formula is changed. This is referred to as transfer brain waves to produce a change in consciousness.

From this principle it is possible to derive a direct technology transfer memories, the focus is on who controls this technology and for what purpose it is deployed. In the top scientific journal "Nature" stated: "Neurology, there is also potential risks, he said, arguing that advances in examining the brain allow to easily penetrate into the private sphere. He said that people will use remotely. This opens the way to abuse this technology for the destruction of personal liberty, control of behavior and brainwashing people. "(Advances in Neuroscience, Nature, Vol. 391, 22.1.1998)
Retrieval of information from memory

N. Anisimov of the Moscow Anti-psychic center points out that psychotronic weapons can be used to "recess" of information stored in the human brain and transferring them to a computer where they can be processed and used to control the selected person. Such modified information is then again "inlayed" into the brain of the person concerned so that it thinks that it is her own information. These systems can induce hallucinations, disease, mutation of cells, cause "zombifikovanie" or even death. With these technologies are deployed VHF generators, X-rays, ultrasound, and radio waves.
Nick Begich, Bewusstseins- und Gedankenkontrolle, Michaels Verlag 2007 (p. 35)

Russian Major I. Chernishev describes in military Orienter magazine (February 1997), such as Psi-weapons everywhere in the developed world. He mentioned the following types of weapons:

- Power psychotronic generator, which produces strong electromagnetic radiation that can be transmitted over telephone lines, radio and television networks, pipe lines, etc.. Through these signals can be manipulated those who are in contact.

- Signal generator operating in the band 10-150 Hz, which produces infrasonic oscillations. The generator is for all animal devastating if "works" in the band 10 Hz - 20 Hz.

- Generator nervous system - is designed to cripple the human nervous system called. "Insecticides".

- In Japan, developed a tape subliminally, that allow "translate" music patterns votes lying in the ultralow frequency band. These patterns are perceived subconsciously. The Russians claim that use similar computer programmed "bomb" in the treatment of alcohol dependence and smoking.

- The "25-raster effect" is a technique in which each raster 25 film or video contains a message that is perceived only by the subconscious and thus leads to its influence.

This information, which are just the tip of the iceberg have to show how far the technology is developed and in which direction is moving. Nor is it by any speculation but the facts, published by military and academic scientists from around the world.

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