Sunday, September 7, 2014

Patented Ebola, the Market-Driven Pandemic, and the Walking Dead

People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.  -- Dan Quayle

By Lou Saboter

Back in 2010 a strain of ebola was patented, now apparently placing the CDC in a position to make billions.  According to Global Research, this patenting means that the United States government considers itself proud owner of all versions of ebola, despite new mutations that are said to be occurring, as long as they share 70% similarity. Their article went on to note an expert who said there was no "medical reason" to bring ebola-infected patients to the United States, and speculated that the government wanted to acquire more intellectual property contained in the patients. Was there perhaps no medical reason why the patient walked from the ambulance?

And Global Research suggested that there was ""carefully scripted medical theater" in evidence. Judge for yourself.

Can I be sued if I get ebola and then try to sell my blood to a competitor?

Meanwhile, it was also reported that Monsanto had invested, along with the Department of Defense, in Tekmira, a company with a treatment for ebola. What might be construed by the insanely paranoid as slight cause for alarm is also the fact that the FDA is currently run by Michael Taylor, former VP of Monsanto. According to the Natural News, Taylor may have caused more food borne illness than any person in history, but was helped out by Dan Quayle. Quayle was a famously idiotic Vice President who helped to make GMOs above and beyond the call of science. The main concern became profit, and now the United States is out of step with most of the world because it believes that GMOs require no testing or labeling. When an independent study was done by a respected scientist, the results and ongoing studies were suppressed.

Now, this same sort of genius could be used in approaching ebola: profit over public safety and/or science. Corporate and government interests appear to be overladen to a remarkable degree.

The question arises: how much ebola do we need to get around to maximize profits?

Patients Get Barcoded Shirts Scanned at Ebola Mart

 It would appear the right people are on the job.

An ebola outbreak has been compared to a zombie apocalypse, and the CDC, in fact, has a page that uses the zombie apocalypse as an analogue for preparing for other pandemics. If Global Research is right and there is a "carefully scripted medical theater" operation in effect, would profits be maximized by timing the ebola outbreak in the United States to the first episode of Walking Dead? Perhaps having it break out in Atlanta, Georgia, where the Roybal campus is, would really get the green flowing?

And what kind of percentage is AMC getting?
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