Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tarbell Declaration Reveals Silk Road Takedown Included Foreign Governments

Christopher Soghoian, Principal Technologist and a Senior Policy Analyst with the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project  
By Lou Saboter

In a tweet Chris Soghoian noted that foreign governments have become involved in efforts to police internet activity by Americans, as occurred in the Silk Road case.

It's not new to think that supposedly anonymous activities are suspect. But new specifics are now being confirmed in the Tarbell declaration, a statement made at The Hague by Christopher Tarbell of FTI Consulting, and formerly of the FBI. He was involved in the investigation of Silkroad, a website that purportedly allowed trading of contraband anonymously. Soghoian said that the DOJ has declared it didn't need warrants because Iceland had cloned Silk Road, and that hosting a website outside the United States makes it easier for you to be investigated without a warrant.

Soghoian also suggested this site for those interested in legal parameters involved.

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