Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Motel of Millipedes

Inches march around
discretely measuring out
your steps an army
of purposeful loners
you are exhausted so
exhausted that you feel
your soul groaning
knowing it was duped
into thinking that this
was the afterlife it came
here expecting some
reward and now it must
find quarters for the laundry
the horizon rushes
away from you
and millipedes with equal
effectiveness but is overtaken
by the Sun repeatedly
the millipedes overtake
you as you wake from a dream
of being driven back
to the garden by a snake
Eve never shuts up
about you
even since I bit her
there are worms
murmuring under
the headstone
25 Cents Per Load of Bones
death therapy
should be free you complain
but this is false
those complaints
never went away
the phantom limbs of the mind
will hush into staggering nothing
only after you let them
endless mornings later
brush up against your slowly
possessed body
as they will
they will
you finally know
the value of a quarter
here at the Motel of Millipedes
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