Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fake Cell Towers Set Up in Florida, One in Sunrise--What Are They Really Used For?

Lou Saboter

I noted recently Tom Wheeler's wheeling and dealing FCC doesn't even regulate many cell phone towers, and now there is new information in the mainstream media that may explain why.

Apparently, "fake" cell phone towers, not like the disguised cell phone towers, but actually not cell phone towers but out-and-out hyper-illegal and unconstitutional and unregulated NOT-cell-phone towers are all over the country, including in Sunrise, Florida.

These are specifically designed to break the 4th Amendment as efficiently as possible and were possibly placed by foreign governments, the ones that I would argue have already taken over America by degrees of stealth.

The good news is that cell phones may also be used for forms of mind control, also known as psychotronics, which is a decades old science.

Oh yeah, cancer.

Some people believe the towers are used to target individuals with "electronic harassment."

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