Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cell Phone Snooping, FPL, and the XL Pipeline--Harris Corporation Connections

By Lou Saboter

It was reported that Florida's Harris Corporation is behind equipment, the Stingray, being used by police to trespass the 4th Amendment as they listen in on your conversations (which, when white Nixon did this, some thought it was a big deal), but who is behind Harris Corporation?

Harris is also involved in the "fake" cell tower story that just broke.  And for some reason, the FCC doesn't regulate all cell towers.


According to state records, Harris  Corporation has Hay Lewis III of Nextera Energy as a title director. Nextera is an international that owns Florida Power and Light.

Harris Corporation is also intertwined with defense.

Harris Corporation with advanced fossil fuel extraction methods like Radio Frequency (RF) heating. RF is also emitted by cell phone towers and some say it causes cancer and changes to how the brain operates. Others claim that the phones themselves are the much greater source of exposure.

Harris Corporation's RF heating technology has been used for extraction of the Alberta tar sands. Using the so-called Enhanced Solvent Extraction Incorporating Electromagnetic Heating (ESEIEH - pronounced "easy"), Harris Corp's RF heating has unlocked billions of gallons of extra dirty oil for transport in the XL Pipeline.

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