Thursday, September 4, 2014

Aliens Running the Trains on Time

They picked our signal up
immediately on folded transmission
and They weren't into it
that much until one
of Them heard Lennon
proclaim "Nothing's gonna
change my world" and said
to Them-self "That's what
tHEY think!" since then
the Earth has been under
remote control by a Nazi
They in another star system
(it's actually pretty close
and invisible to everyone
except David Icke)
that rock They put there
to roll you up the hill
so that shadow
would like so squint
and then mosquito
and this Them means business
you guys will just follow
orders, all right, and apply
the pain by Milgrams
to the innocent
and expect a medal
gee, look I'm beating
a manatee baby
about the head and neck
yep yep I wanna raise,
But that's just what I'm
saying! and I can't
be trusted I don't even
intend a black
guy must be a liberal
repaying student loans
in fact I have guns
like a million eyes
everything that goes
up must come down
They have given up
on me and now all
they slither as they pass
the easily controlled
have to cavort and scheme
every time I point
at Their plan and laugh
inciting and inviting me
and pretty soon it'll
be obvious to everyone
I'm not really amused
behind my poker smirk
they'll kill me anyway,
probably during Happy Hour,
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