Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ferguson Scenes and Brief Reflection

 This isn't what democracy looks like
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By Lou Saboter

Going back to Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian massacre, the government has performed actions to turn public opinion onto the side of a police state. With mainstream media complicity, where the message of the state is repeated, and the victims are demonized, the public is being massaged into supporting oppressive police actions while the resistance is blamed for its reaction, told to be reasonable, accused of permitting crimes, and expected to go quietly home. This all with the express use of President Obama's bully pulpit to subtly or not so subtly prompt such activity. Strangely enough, Obama lumped Ferguson and Iraq together in his speech. He painted his new military incursion into Bush's "dumb war" (his words) as a humanitarian effort. And he urged the protestors to basically not protest so much. Just obey, maybe go home and watch CNN.
This is especially easy to do with targets who are already marginalized. Through the careful, timed release of materials through the media, public opinion is turned in the direction desired by the corporate and state power that has militarized the police.
When it's time to seal the deal, bigger and bigger name celebrities jump into the discussion. Coincidentally, these are always very wealthy people who are against higher taxes. I recall how Bill Maher decided, in his vast reason, that it was time for Occupy Wall Street protestors to go home and get a job.
If you're so stupid to buy into this crap, you have no idea what this country is about. That is the goal. To usher in multinational control, where the police will truly not be working for you at all but for a global system of domination. A serious review of the political and economic history of this country since the end of WWII will reveal this trend to you rather starkly.
Ferguson became a flashpoint and about much more than Michael Brown's death, seemingly not at close range and so meeting the criteria for excessive force. Ferguson was also about militarized police, the dissolution of the Bill of Rights, ongoing racism, a photo op for oppression, a spectacle of the brainwashed sickness of mainstream media victims who continue to make excuses for their oppressors--especially if they're comfortably in the wealthier classes.
It's interesting how much differently people in other countries behave when the state imposes restrictions on them.
Americans are remarkably well behaved.
Yes, kill those people out there defending your rights.
Idiots.Watch this a few times--you'll get it!

Please review and remember how our country was founded. Despite the hypocrisies you can cite in our Founding Fathers, the ideals of the Bill of Rights are worth preservation. And that preservation can only occur through practicing those rights.
The police need to decide if they're with the community or the forces of globalization.

I'm a Turbo Lover of the 1st Amendment

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