Saturday, August 23, 2014

EPA Looking into Fracking Dangers after the Fact

Signing a Giant Stack of Papers Only Two People on the Planet Understand

By Lou Saboter

Furthering my realizations about the incredibly backward, useless, and dangerous nature of federal regulatory agencies, the EPA has released released two documents that address fracking dangers to the water. This is great since fracking has been going on at a maniacal pace all over the country. Perhaps now that the water is already polluted, and in the process of getting more polluted, we should take a looksie and see if this whole fracking business is dangerous?

I don't know. That sounds like terrorism to me.

One document details how the EPA will look for chemicals commonly found in antifreeze in order to see whether or not fracking has affected the groundwater. This is a massive leap forward since it is still illegal for you to know how your water is being affected by fracking. The EPA has had the ability to check for diesel fuels all along, only, but hasn't bothered, not that it would have helped much anyway.

The 2nd document details how they've come around to a way to see if you're being irradiated thanks to fracking, as if they even care.

For some reason it occurs to one--maybe they should have checked whether or not this stuff was safe like, oh I don't know, before doing it?

Just a crazy idea that stumbled drunkenly into my brain.

I'm going to come out and say this. The EPA needs a citizen review board informed by independent scientists with actual power in decision-making processes.

Oh yeah, frackquakes.

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