Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri Can Easily Happen in Fort Myers, Florida

The Crackdown will be Televised -- source: BBC tweet

By Lou Saboter

The police state gives itself power by taking it. As was seen in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the murder of a citizen is itself an excuse to crackdown on the remainder of the citizenry. And, again, the appearance of militarized police in force is the response to the citizen outrage however it might express itself. This is based on the old formula of ordo ab chao, or out of chaos, order. The police state creates a problem, and then generates a solution, now more openly than ever.

Shoot an Innocent Kid?

In both instances, the police used announcers who try to shift blame onto the protestors. In both cases, protestors were notified that they'd overstepped the boundaries of peaceful protests as defined by the militarized police who are, in fact, working for the multi-national corporations that have taken over America. In both cases, complicit elected officials become involved, grudgingly. The end of Occupy Wall Street also involved complicit mayors.

Basically, you are ants at their picnic. Hence the push to frack America and poison the groundwater. Get it?

Further developing the case that there is a playbook for what is happening, there's this:

It is a well-established fact that President Obama or Leader O or the Kenyan Nazi, or whatever you prefer to call him (he is a real American), has been signing away our rights, promoting fracking, setting up internment camps, empowering Monsanto and telecoms, and secretly negotiating international trade agreements that further weaken the sovereignty of the United States such as TPP and TTIP. Furthermore, he has re-established relations with the International Criminal Court (although these are stormy, best), an old project of the Council on Foreign Relations. This is all part of the Technetronic Revolution which aims at a one world state, or the New World Order. In this grand scheme you will be chipped, energy will become currency, and all shall be perfectly controlled by an elect elite. It'll be "something wonderful", all right.

The Third Monolith is near.

Oh yeah, the same thing happening in Ferguson, Missouri could easily happen in Fort Myers, Florida, where this blog was born. Not only do we have the racist environment, but we have our own military intelligence guy in the militarized Lee County Sheriff's Office, Chuck Quackenbush. Oh, and our Mayor Henderson--now that guy isn't a Nazi at all!

TheAnonMessage outed Michael Brown's killer--his name is Bryan "Scooby" Willman.

Some damning images showing a conversation where he says he will change his name, and a picture of him in uniform emerged. Then--TheAnonMessage was shut down on Twitter.

Quitting smoking is hard, OK.

Have a great day!

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