Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Arrested Reporter in Ferguson is Critic of the Surveillance State

Wesley Lowery

By Lou Saboter
I wish I could say I'm surprised by the news out of Ferguson, Missouri, where the police are continuing the resort to paramilitary style tactics in response to a response to their assassination of an unarmed college student, but I can't.
After what I saw happen in Albuquerque, New Mexico with James Boyd, I will never be surprised again when the militarized police of the United States act exactly like the stormtroopers of a Banana Republic junta. I mean, they are, after all, being equipped by the same institutions.
Apparently, two reporters were threatened, had guns waved at them, and were then arrested, some of which was caught on videotape.
I am awaiting further news of the long slide into ubiquitous fascism, and wondering how the public will ever respond as the police grow more abusive.
Wesley Lowery is a critic of the surveillance state.

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