Friday, August 22, 2014

There's No Shootings like School Shootings...

By Lou Saboter

An exponential increase in the number of school shootings seems to indicate something deeper than the "guns don't kill people" arguments that are bandied about. This is not to minimize these arguments, as there are many points worth consideration. However, getting to the base cause of violence can be, as is often the case with the study of human behavior, a challenging prospect.

 It often turns out that reading the documentation, studying videos, listening to police broadcasts, and poring over eye witness accounts may only lead to more questions than answers. Similarly, studying timelines and statistics may not invite understanding but can, as if often demonstrably the case, inflame the passions and promote a public that demands immediate action.

When discussing the tragic, it is difficult to take too hard a stance of intellectual survey, but there may be many good reasons to insist that this be done. Albert Camus is said to have stated that power wears the mask of tragedy. If a hard case can be made that tragedy is being used in quite a premeditated and methodical manner to manipulate public opinion, it becomes a necessary burden for a scholar to bear the brunt of scorn for his probing into incredibly delicate matters in the manner of a surgeon in order to extract the root cause. Meanwhile, you may be forced to compete with the smooth jazz of President's O's teleprompted public image.

The image on top is from a page of William Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse. In it he made many predictions and assertions, some of which came true, and some of which he later even doubted himself. Without going too much into how trustworthy William Cooper is, he does point out some items worthy of consideration. Many school shootings do have similar elements, and it's not just the availability of legal guns (although an absence of guns would no doubt provide an obstacle to school shootings and to fighting state tyranny).

Often the shooters are considered mentally ill, have been seeing therapist and/or psychiatrists, and are one psychotropic drugs. They are often also individuals who are unpopular or marginalized and have experienced bullying. Sometimes, however, they fall outside of these descriptors' bounds in significant ways.

This appears to have been the case, for instance, with James Holmes of the so-called Batman or Aurora Shooting. James Holmes was a brilliant young scholar who was presented in the media as a loner/outsider, but whom was described quite differently by his friends.  Recently, the University of Colorado fought a records request from James Holmes lawyers, their lawyers calling it a "fishing expedition." My response is: yeah, so? You need some fish to make dinner.
"No matter what, don't say, 'Should I read from the card?'"

A pattern of coverups is also often part of school shootings, and also blatant manipulation of the flow of media information. This was especially prominent at the Sandy Hook shooting where Police Chief Lt. Vance threatened anyone deviating from the official story. There was also an arrest when someone asked too many questions about autopsies. Jonathan Reich also had his blog shut down, which he restored under new names.

A similar thing occurred at Ferguson when an Anonymous-associated Twitter account released information on the supposed shooter of Michael Brown.

Some will say that the release of information can present dangers, but excuses to not release information presents even greater dangers of systemic corruption. The terms "credibility", "hard facts", "confirmed", and "reliable" are almost hysterical when coming from a mainstream media that has a long history of merely repeating official statements and of being infiltrated by the intelligence community, along with allegiance to corporate interests.

Furthermore, holes in the "credibility" of the psychiatric institutions can be similarly discovered. Not only has the intelligence community sought means to mind control the population, famously employing Dr. Ewen Cameron for MK Ultra experiments in Canada. This was reported extensively, even supposedly prompting a public apology from President Bill Clinton, purportedly as part of an attempt to create a more ethical country. Of course, that part was misreported, and he was apologizing for something else.

What happened to Mark Taylor may be particularly instructive on this account. Not only did he get shot and survive the Columbine incident (which happened on April 19th, a date that coincidentally links to other possible state-run incidents of public suppression and is the day before Hitler's birthday), but Mark Taylor went after Big Pharma. He claims to have seen snipers at Columbine
At this point, you may be getting the impression I find a lot to be suspect that consists of the very pillars by which our society is held up. Similarly, you might question what interests I serve. Perhaps I'm a terrorist--my trying to disturb you is hard, credible evidence of that. They had better get the clampers on me right quick, whatever clampers are.
Scientific as Fuck

So we have documentation of past activity by the intelligence community, and one can imagine that their present activity might fall somewhat in line with their past activity. Furthermore, their present activity could be acting on the realization that there are those in the public that are hip to their past "confirmed" activity. Perhaps, due to this, present "false flag" operations are done in such as a way as to be obvious in order to remind the public who is in charge and how powerless they truly are. More recent documents, released by the suspect Glenn Greenwald, indicate activities by the intelligence community that show incredible fear of the public and an intense desire to maintain control.And arguments about the free speech of online hacktivists barely register in the United States mainstream media.

Similarly, one could argue, as the public loses power, power replaced by the power of multinational corporations, there is an apparent reactive response in the purchasing of massive amounts of weapons, and in the "prepping" movement.

The multinational corporations appear to be secure. It seems to be left to the government and its communicators to deal with the havoc of damage control that is present at a level never before witnessed in confirmed human history. The role of the television and the internet have become quite prominent as a result. Since the internet represents a region of uncontrolled information distribution, it is television's endless foil. And so, one would expect the tension between TV and the Interwebs to become quite intense. In fact, releases of information on the Internet is often conflated with treason and a threat to national security.

Problematically, I'm not that concerned about people finding out the inner workings of a government that is supposed to be transparent, if one merely considers momentarily the spirit of the Bill of Rights.
Apparently, we're still supposed to all be living in fear of the terrorists groups that were CIA trained to begin with. And therefore the police must be militarized, while the general public is disarmed as if the general public were itself suspect under the War on Terror.

Documentation of false flags exists, and a controlled media, along with a militarized police, might make one question whether school shootings are serving a purpose of manipulating consent and just to what extent are these events staged. Interestingly, as Cooper also noted above, some of the early examples happened in Canada, where the CIA's early MK Ultra experiments were carried out.
At a local university, Florida Gulf Coast University, it was just decided to allow students to keep guns in their cars. This was supposedly in response to concerns about school shootings. A report was released claiming that there had been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook. In fact, there are about 74 a minute. It's crazy.
Let's go clubbing

At Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza's car was searched. A gun still had at least one bullet in it. If one accepts the black ops nature of some school shootings, would allowing students to have guns in their cars facilitate the pegging of a sheep-dipped patsy? Also, what if you want to have 25 guns in your car? Is that unreasonable? I mean, what if there is a staged school shooting and you have to battle like 20 CIA agents? Can you reasonably stand your ground with just 15 guns?

Times is weird. Obama and Bowie Bergdahl make disembodied head jokes using hacked Twitter accounts. I just can't take it anymore. It's like every time I post a blog entry I have to ask if the commenters are CIA.

Capitalism is supposed to be all about my convenience. Jeez.
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