Monday, November 24, 2014

Targeted Individuals Rule the World

By Lou Saboter (TI 4933-23094)

Little known conspiracy fact: targeted individuals secretly rule the world.

Such is the dire threat of targeted individuals that the Illuminati are trying to drive us insane and kill them off.

Unfortunately (for them, ha!) they keep blowing it.

Thanks to Kabanbola, targeted individuals can no longer be stopped. This form of ancient shaman wisdom empowers them with the ability to create new realities, thwarting the plans of sneaky rich people with extraterrestrial Archon-molded DNA who conspire to kill off large segments of the public with Agenda 21.

Yes, my fellow Americans, the Illuminati bloodlines were left here by the Annunaki to bring these events to a crescendo, but we, the TI community, are here to end their pernicious shenanigans!

Despite this fact, the Obama administrative is trying, desperately, to stop us. In fact, he's designed Obamacare with us in mind. But, we saw it coming in our last lives, don't make us laugh with your ELF tower thought rays! I could make an orgone accumulator out of a spoon and a chopstick in 5 seconds flat if I so desired and still have time to make a Diebold voting machine commit suicide.
He is developing a drug, called Wonder True Blue, that will cause there to be only one official reality after all the conspiracy theorists are force-medicated.

In order to facilitate this effort, he has taken to using conspiracy theorists as the perps in his staged shooting. This is intended to ramp up sheeple-fear about out-of-the-box thinkers.

 First, they ran out model Jerad Miller, which really was awfully planned but still believed by most of the public. At least he had an extensive back story, despite the over the top acting which they probably thought up when they were all high. He was entertaining!

Then, they stepped up their game with Aaron Alexis. This one was far more convincing, and I really liked some of the plot points about mind control.

However, then they decided to try Florida out, and that's when Obama's gun control/reality control program just jumped the shark completely.

After spending a lot of time trying to decide on a location for the Florida school shooting, they had decided on FGCU. They had their crisis communications and spook plants in place, but then there was a wrinkle that blew that deal.

They were forced to try out Plan B at Jewett Middle School, but the shooter called in sick at the last minute.

Finally, they managed to haul off a shooting at FSU with the targeted individual, Myron May. However, they didn't bury the evidence fast and thoroughly enough and Blair Stokes was outed, blowing the whole thing.

Now, we shall have to arm the teacher's unions and the homeless. Dammit!

A tragedy to be sure.


Try gang stalking a scarecrow next time, girly government!


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