Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson KKK Hoax Leads to Gun Control Measures--Psyop

Every since I watched a video by another KKK group that shows Frank Ancona arm-in-arm with an SPLC agent, I've been wondering exactly what the angle of this psyops was going to turn out to be, and that is still developing.

 It does, however, raise many questions about the story that was put out by a so-called Anonymous group. Apparently, the TAKKK raised the ire of Anonymous when they threatened to use "lethal force" on protestors, and called them terrorists. This supposedly lead Anonymous to take over the TAKKK's Twitter account, from where they proceeded to post a unicorn and a dancing, hooded, gay, black man.

Anonymous put out several reports about how they were going to wreak vengeance on the TAKKK and so on, but they neglected to mention the possibility that Frank Ancona was most likely a government agent himself. This caused me to question the whole she-bang and come to the conclusion that Anonymous probably was able to take over the Twitter account because they are all the same people. The whole point here was to heighten racial tensions, maybe in order to provide a pretext for the shutting down of gun stores. This could be a study in how to apply martial law in the future.

It also came before a release of names of supposed TAKKK  members, which again raises the question of just how that information was passed along.

Did Frank Ancona have other KKK groups infiltrated? And were the threats put out by Frank Ancona intended to rile the Black Panthers, possibly leading them reveal their explosives plans?

Also, how many times has Anonymous actually been a government operation?

The SPLC has also played this up.

Furthermore, Anonymous said there was a link between Darren Wilson and the TAKKK. Without naming all the links, Anonymous revealed there was a chain of connection. They also put out a highly dramatic story about possible death threats if information was released, etc.

So, how deep does the BS go here? Was the whole thing pre-planned in some way? And why was there so much  concern for secrecy involving Darren Wilson's grand jury hearing and evidence? 

And what else is due to come out of this when the verdict is announced?

That will be after 5 pm.
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