Friday, October 24, 2014

Jaylen Fryberg Case Oddly Synchronous with Gun Legislation


By Lou Saboter

Jaylen Fryberg was, by reports, a popular, happy student, although you could get a different impression from his Twitter account.  
CNN reported Fryberg seemed "calm" and had a "blank stare" throughout. 

Some good research here...Mandama004 makes the point that the Marysville Pilchuck shooting appears to be receiving inordinate coverage, as if it is to push gun control.She points out other violent incidents that occurred friday were backgrounded because they wouldn't have impact on pending legislation in the states they occurred in. She also pointed out that there was SWAT training had been planned and was scrapped from the internet. In other events that have been politicized in the past, such as 9/11, the 7/7 London bombing, and the Boston bombing, there were drills occurring at the same time.

Fryberg's Twitter account is rife with sometimes angry, sometimes sad, and vengeful statements.

A video released featured an adjunct professor of psychology at California State University, Wendy Walsh, who seemed quite content to think that Jaylen Fryberg's frustration with his relationship perfectly explained his breakdown. And she noted that citizens need to police each other more, pointing out gun owners are automatically suspect. Clint Van Zandt, a former FBI profiler and news analyst, chimed in, also concluding that there was more need for students and school officials to police the behavior of others, especially if they own guns. Oddly, the student interviewed at the beginning of the video had the opposite impression. Jaylen Fryberg had just become homecoming prince, and didn't fit the profile of a loner that is usually the factory which produces the lone shooter. Apparently, people need to pay way more attention to Twitter, where the evil comes out.

Also, it's getting really hard to distinguish media from police.  

Wendy Walsh also mentioned Fryberg wasn't missing the "social chip" that other lone gunman seemed to lack. 

She does make a good point about a 14 year being hyper-sexed. What is behind this, if anything?

Pic from Jaylen Fryberg's Instagram. This was a hunting gun, not used in the incident.

Conspiracy theories can be anticipated with school shootings, not to confirm or deny such possibilities. Conspiracy theories surrounding school shootings go back at least to Bill Cooper. Here is an excerpt from his book Behold, A Pale Horse. One could argue that part of the reason they can be anticipated is because of the suspect nature of many school shootings, which seem to fall into patterns involving cover ups, intimidation of investigators, synchronization with gun control legislation, and mainstream media emphasis.

 It has been often noted that many school shooting follow similar patterns, often involving a young person with issues who goes on a spree and then ends his life. Due to the nature of tragedy, it is easy to turn the public on anyone who investigates a tragedy as someone lacking in sensitivity. This shootings could be seen to coincide all too neatly with an upcoming vote of gun control laws.

Fryberg is a member of the Tulalip Tribe, which donated millions to the school district in 2011. Jaylen Fryberg was listed among attendees at the award presentation. He said: "We get a lot of money for our schools." 

The Tulalip tribe donates heavily to the school district. A listing of Tulalip donations is here.

The chairman of the Tulalip chair posted a letter of condolence at their website. Here, you can also learn that the tribe's name is pronounced tuh'lay'lup.

The shooting, which ended with Jaylen Fryberg's suicide, and took at least one other life so far, has already been touted as a motivator in voting on gun control laws. However, crime rates are decreasing. 

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