Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gang Stalking 101

Thomas Marshall is an activist who did a great deal of research on targeted individuals. This video serves as a primer on the tactics, motivations, and effects of the attacks perpetrated. This is what is sometimes called silent kill, where the victim is broken down and driven to suicide in a situation where accountability can be denied.

He has a youtube channel with much more information here.

This page cites some published evidence of these technologies. 

Jesse Ventura also confirmed the targeted individuals program on his show Conspiracy Theory.

Thousands of people claim to have been victimized by secret government-sponsored harassment programs.

This was a BBC report on mind control technologies.

This video show how people are manipulated into joining in on stalking activities.
Mainstream media stories on gang stalking involving probably psychotronic weaponry.


The Consequence of Sounds, Regina Spektor

 Dissent is necessary for a healthy democracy.
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