Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola Staged? Planned in 2009?

What is the Ebola Agenda?
Inspection functions ceaselessly. The gaze is alert everywhere: 'A considerable body of militia, commanded by good officers and men of substance', guards at the gates, at the town hall and in every quarter to ensure the prompt obedience of the people and the most absolute authority of the magistrates, 'as also to observe all disorder, theft and extortion'.-- Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish

By Lou Saboter

(still developing)

The interesting thing about the ebola story so far is how incoherent it already is. Ebola has a definite history of being considered as a bioweapon, but any talk of this is suppressed.

Obama signed an executive order (  in 2009 related to bioweapons. It detailed the need for the use of the post office to deliver kits to home with the backup of the DHS, police, and other federal agencies, and they've been readied with bullets since. And why all that ammunition hoarded? So much was purchased it led to police shortages. This was in advance of this breakout--was it planned? And why was ebola also patented in 2009?

From Executive Order 13527: c) In support of the national U.S. Postal Service model, the Secretaries of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and Defense, and the Attorney General, in coordination with the U.S. Postal Service, and in consultation with State and local public health, emergency management, and law enforcement officials, within 180 days of the date of this order, shall develop an accompanying plan for supplementing local law enforcement personnel, as necessary and appropriate, with local Federal law enforcement, as well as other appropriate personnel, to escort U.S. Postal workers delivering medical countermeasures.

 We're told one story about how deadly the virus is, then another about how you should just wash your hands. A patient is allowed to walk when he gets out of an ambulance, increasing the chances he'll cut himself and spread infection. Ebola puke is sprayed off the street by unprotected workers. Africans seem to be of the opinion that they're getting sick from shots being administered to them. Drones and soldiers have been put on the ground in Africa--to shoot ebola?  To steal from these countries?

Stories of drugs being tested are playing out. Nanosilver shipments are blocked. An infected patient is told to go ahead and fly by the CDC. Workers use the wrong gear. Mistakes abound, but don't worry. Enjoy Coke. A rush on vaccine approval is indicated by the WHO.FEMA camps, Rex 84, the Garden Plot, and Fema coffins (or CDC coffins) are seen, televised, but officially neither confirmed nor denied. A vaccine whistleblower is ignored and/or discredited.The story becomes whether or not Chris Brown is stupid. 

An Executive order allows detention of those suspected of respiratory illnesses (rather broad).... 

What follows next? Stories pop up all over America of ebola. Panic ensues. We are told the virus spontaneously mutated into something worse. But don't panic. Snap into a Slim Jim. Fear is built up with confusion. Zombie movie references are made endlessly. Maybe quotes from Revelations come out in the middle of a broadcast.
The next thing you now, some natural disaster occurs, along with an uptick in ebola cases. Panic ensues. Martial law. People are begging for a solution. Prompted, the politicians spin a deal to get some wonder drug out there with a 100 percent cure rate if you agree to take it. If you don't agree, maybe you are shunned, fired, labelled, or even arrested.

And what is in this cure? Who knows. I'd rather find out from the effects on those who take it. Maybe the cure will spread an actual disease, or sterilize people, or set them up in another way. Maybe the RFID agenda will happen?

Either way, the stories are not adding up. Something stinks. The government is not your friend.

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