Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Probable Government Trolls Malign Chris Brown, are then Treated as Angry Fans by Shill Writer

By Lou Saboter

I'm telling you, it's like a high school clique run by the CIA has taken over the mainstream media.

A extremely disrespectful "writer," Suzy Byrne, declared that Chris Brown was obviously a "troubled" and should be discounted as a "conspiracy theorist" merely because he tweeted what's below. And she wasn't the only one. The repeater mainstream press all lined up to get a piece of him, despite or because of the possibility he is just controlled opposition (maybe to get all the ebola truthers herded together for extermination).

Byrne went on to demand that Brown get force medicated, force vaccinated, and force bleached to a "nice shade of Michael Jackson." 

Even as one who has done extensive research on the topic of depopulation or "population control", I'd have to say it's probably a pretty typical response to ebola. I don't think it called for this assault on Chris Brown's character that this "writer" (who could be part of the modern version of Operation Mockingbird) launched.

Yeah, please look up "Operation Mockingbird," Suzy "Writer" Byrne. Also, did you even research the history of weaponization of ebola? Because there IS ONE. Please also look up "Biopreparat," "Kenneth Alibek," "ebobun patent," and "Pianka." Also this--

Also, this writer didn't even consider that the angry fans referenced could have been government trolls, and documentation exists for that too. Please, "writer," research JTRIG.

Suzy Byrne then brought up some personal details about Chris Brown to further attack his character, without even mentioning her daddy issues, man-hating tendencies, and complete lack of authenticity or curiosity.

No wonder she makes the big bucks. I could also go on to opine she's from a culture of white privilege that is threatened by a black man's perceptions, but that would be sensational like.

Please watch this, Suzy "Writer" Byrne, if that is your real name or not.

Have a great day!

Addendum: I never listened to Christ Brown, lol.

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