Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola Czar Presiding Over Weaponized Plague

National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center

"No one wanted to listen to me before. There are still 'Missing Pieces.' Maybe I have your attention now even if that means someone must die. This must stop. To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance." and "I am KC and I approve this message." -- Ricin Letters

Unrestricted Profit is Weaponized Finance

By Lou Saboter

The linkage between anthrax and ebola and the Battelle Memorial Institute should help call into question the real purpose of the current ebola campaign. When Marie Harf, deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State, called ebola an "attack", it was possibly more than just a poor choice of words. The ebola virus is a product designed for corporate profit, population control, and political gain.

Soon after the 9/11 "attack", there were several anthrax mailings.

The FBI conducted "one of the largest and most complex" investigations, leaving the DOJ to close the case finally on February 19, 2010, concluding that "the late Dr. Bruce Ivins acted alone in planning and executing these attacks." This large and complex investigation, which you don't even want to think about, ended pretty much the way many other investigations with trails indicative of covert government operatives: to a lone perpetrator, acting completely on his own recognizance. Dr. Bruce Ivins inconveniently killed himself, some wondering if the FBI harassment was to blame, or speculating it wasn't a suicide at all. Another suspect, Dr. Steven Hatfill, was similarly put under intense scrutiny, with the press asked to jump in and help. He was later exonerated, since the anthrax in question, RMR-1029, was not available to him.

The DOJ's explanation is here. 

Still, for some, questions lingered. An article posted after the DOJ closed the case noted that Ivins former colleagues doubted his guilt due to his willingness to cooperate with investigators. "What kind of murderer, they wonder, would ask the cops to test his own gun for ballistics?" Is this case still ongoing, and manifesting itself in the current ebola outbreak, for which Obama just picked an Ebola Czar, Ron Blain, the recount hero?

Add to the strangeness of bioweapons defense the rejection of language in the Biological Weapons Convention that would protect the public, and installation of Tara O'Toole as bioweapons czar in the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security in 2009. O'Toole notoriously runs simulations of bioterror threats, and false flag operations always go hand in hand with these. Furthering the actual threat of the situation, are players like UPMC, who represent corporate interests painted as homeland defense. The Dark Winter is one such simulation. O'toole has since been replaced by Dr. Reginald Brothers, who formerly covered cyber threats.

Critics were quick to point out Klain's lack of experience in health care, but neglected to consider that that was Klain's main qualification. Not only does it confuse and therefore not reassure the public, but it keeps anything from being dug into too deeply, and distracts from the real players. He also has a history of being involved with scandalous affairs, like Solyndra.

Getting back to anthrax, perhaps you'll recall the use of cipro antibiotic in the wake of the scare. It was not widely reported that it may be a culprit in Gulf War Syndrome. Some reported nerve damage, and deaths have been linked in a Forbes article. The scare did serve to generate a great deal of profit, and the reputation of the industries behind the production of dangerous cures is protected by the corporate media. Similarly, the CDC was protected when Dr. William Thompson blew the whistle on skewed autism figures on its MMR vaccine. Snopes is on the case as corporate agent. Apparently, it has become the go to place for those who begin to suspect a vast conspiracy to get their suspicions quieted so they can go back to dutiful obedience. Snopes, and other agents like it, are fixers who keep the narrative flow going by fixing incongruities as they arise so that the Matrix seems coherent, when in fact, under the surface, is unspeakable horror.

Meanwhile, the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center, working as part of the Department of Homeland Security, is in place to issue directives to deal with the ebola invention. Their directive, Biodefense for the 21st Century, part of which is classified, includes such recommendations and employing the military where a biological threat arises, as is now the case in west Africa, according to reports. But, it's also part of DHS, so military action on American soil is also a possibility. And executive orders are in place that outline the sorts of responses in question, and the purchase of large numbers of hollow point bullets by government agencies was actually widely reported. Luckily, an agent appeared who could at least dampen down the fear reaction. The fear must be directed at outside enemies, like ebola and al Qaeda, and not at those who created them, players in the Shadow Government.

So, the vast irony of the situation, many elements of which are unknowable, is that the key to the defense against bioweapons is their origin. The National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center is "Battelle National Biodefense Institute, a subsidiary of Ohio-based contractor Battelle Memorial Institute." 

To anyone who has been constructed a world out of doctored data points, this seems like a ludicrous assertion. But once the doctoring of the data points becomes apparent, and you trace the history of the coverups and inconsistencies, a whole new vision begins to emerge. And when you consider some of the players in this, such as Ken Alibek and William C. PatrickIII, where the threats begin or end becomes very difficult to decipher. Is ebola pure hoax merely intended for the United States to get the military into west Africa for somewhat obscure socio-political purposes? Or is a plague truly being cooked up to bring medical martial law and a New World Order to the United States (if it isn't already here, as some would argue). Or is it all about maintaining fear, and suppressing thoughtful dissent? Or are a number of objectives present, as was the case in 9/11? That would be the most likely scenario. Simply take a look at the players--this is big business.

What remains incredibly clear is that Ron Klain is not running Operation Clear Vision--but the CIA and Battle Memorial Institute are. The objectives of Operation Clear Vision remain to be revealed, but any zombie movie should provide some clues.

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