Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We've Only Just Begun to Frack

Water has no rights,
the sea claims
endless fossilites.
Why do the ants
always come to the picnic
when the cloth has been laid
out? We've already begun
to feast and now the tide
is out. And when the tide
comes in the sirens sing
bringing foreigners to wreck.
The multi-nationalist beggars,
hounding the bread makers,
one nation under surveillance
whereby to promote the takers.
Vinyard is a globalist villain
poison the water let's really
make a killin'.
Apache helicopters, heart attack
guns, and drones galore:
socialism for the poor.
Retreat from the country
to the stores, copyrighting
the new consumer after
the old one goes extinct,
the merchant class
sells, lets be succinct.
This is the Hell of Spectacle,
window dressing
for the ebola mannequins,
pull the string
and a doll forgives your sins.
There's many a slip and fall
in the aisles of denial,
clean up your thoughts
and provide service with a smile.
What's that you slipped
into my drink?
It's a secret,
I'm rich.
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