Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Insanity Words

A stable guide for those who are seeking to determine parameters whereby to seize upon and mold fellow citizens into the proper cognitive dimensions.

People who use any of these words shall be immediately considered insane. All thoughts involving the use of said words have been deemed to provoke psychotic reactions in the individual and those they communicate with, and they therefore must be removed from the population and force medicated for the general good.

This list shall be considered as always preliminary as new threats become self evident, and shall be added to but never subtracted from as duties to the preservation of public health necessitate.

The Insanity Word List Thus Far...

Trilateral Commission, conspiracy, Thomas Szasz, Skull and Bones (in this order), The Group, NWO (referring to the New World Order), reptoid, reptilian, reptilian overlord, inside job, controlled demolition, reptilian hybrid, green power, pension plan, human guinea pig, scab, picket line, MK Ultra, CIA, Dick Cheney, 2nd Amendment, Bill of Rights, Constitution, negro, fag, endocrine disruptor, GMO, neo-Nazi, technetronic, plant, spook, narcissist, jiggabo, KKK (in some instances to be judged by trained personnel), Palestinian, labia, bulldyke, Area's 51-53, HAARP, Michael Chertoff, Zbigniew Brzezinkski, ELF, mind control, Satanic ritual, state rights, FEMA camps, mutlidimensional beings, international banker (or bankster), third eye, fluoride, colony collapse, magnetic pole shift, 2012 (in relation to Mayans), slut, unborn, eugenics, revolt, and passive disobedience, mental partitioning, KGB, The Doughnut, surveillance state, NSA, militarized police, 1033, Homeland Security, Trapwire, stingray, Barrett Brown, rabbit trigger, ebola patent, copyrighted species, tap water,  screaming Mary, extraterrestrial, smart meter, data points or 1000 points of light, mind reading, voice to skull, microwave attack, beam weapons, directed energy, Ionospheric psyops, love, altruism, social contract, force medicated, general good, the rich, side effects, profit motive, thought police...
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