Thursday, August 21, 2014

Radiation Producing Cell Phone Towers in Fort Myers are not Even Registered by Incompetent FCC


By Lou Saboter

It seems as good a time as most to complain about the FCC, while the comment window concerning net neutrality remains open--ensuring that Tom Wheeler is dead set on fulfilling his duty to the multinationals. No doubt, the corporations would love to consign bloggers and other free press voices to obscurity on an internet controlled much like the radio. The last comment period famously included lots of fucks, as this graph displays.
fucks to fcc
My position is that the anarchy of the internet is a necessary good, and the FCC should go completely to hell. The internet is the great frontier of the Information Age, and its pathways should be unfettered by state regulation that is obviously corrupt in the personage of Tom Wheeler, despite reports of his liberal ways (asserting the opposite ala Noam Chomsky).
My fear as a blogger of some years now is that corporate interests will squelch the voices of what I consider to be a very true reflection of the sort of press envisioned by Thomas Jefferson in this quote:
The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.
Here's a great example. 
As far as keeping the waters pure goes, I think that can be taken quite literally in the fight against fracking. The papers are, by and large, sold out to energy advertising.
In the fight against corporate excess, the blogosphere may be our last, best hope. The fact is that the corporate press is acting almost exactly like a state run media, which is what one would expect when a very small number of corporations run most media outlets, and the government is very much purchased out by said corporations.
The tendency of corporate excess is to turn the public into their garbage can--this being a sort of corporate ideal which is hung on the wall of cubicles in the form of a struggling kitten dangling from a branch due to some hideous doom awaiting it below. Apparently, this image is meant to remind corporate cubicle slaves that if you stop slaving you will end up being a stray cat, or, more literally, a roaming homeless bum. Perhaps you will be the sort of bum that tells people the reptilians have a machine that makes you see 420 everywhere. Wouldn't you rather be the cute, innocent kitten just trying to get along?
That's right. We're all just cute little corpo-slaves. It's respectable. And remember the alternative.
Not to overly digress, it surprises me when the public actually gets agitated enough to curse out a politico. And yet, the American public seems to prefer to remain blissfully unaware of many prominent and ubiquitous dangers to their health.
The cooking of the public is underway, and this is on top of the poisoning of the water by wastewater injection and the latest enhanced extraction techniques--and it's all for the benefit of multinational corporations and not for ours. Isn't that great?
We can be distracted by the horrors of Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, and the G20. But the real issues are in plain sight and due to the uselessness of the regulatory agencies which are not being held accountable by a misinformed or uninformed, dumbed-down, and terminally confused, pollution-intoxicated public.
 You'd think, with the confidence the FCC portrays in its determination of its own right to meddle in the Internet, that they'd even regulate all the radiation-emitting cell towers in the Fort Myers area. But no. Some aren't even registered. They are irradiating the blissfully cooked public.
But let's get those nasty bloggers off the searches.
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