Saturday, July 18, 2015

Coontown Rant

Coontown on reddit offers facts and stories totally avoided or distorted by the mainstream press.

submitted by ingenium87

I'm from an upper middle class neighborhood of Seattle. I was never really exposed to niggers growing up so I had no hatred for them. A month ago I accepted a job with a major employer in the Detroit area. They offered me nearly double my previous salary and wanted me to start right away. Instead of buying a house right away I moved into a furnished apartment on a 3 month lease sight unseen so I could get a real feel of the area and get an idea of where I should buy property. I'm not a complete idiot so I at least checked out the area online that I was going to move to. It seemed fine, a low crime suburb of Detroit. The apartment is a two bed and would have been 1100 a month if I signed for a year, but it was 1450 for the short term. That's a lot for a Michigan apartment so I figured it would be a quiet complex. But nope. What I didn't know is this complex accepts Section 8.
First night there my car was broken into. Later in the first week some sheboon tried to bum a cig from me and I denied her. Now all the niggers there try to intimidate me. These niggers are disgusting people, I'm sorry I never believed it before, but I sure do now. I never even uttered the word nigger until I moved here. Niggers being loud and gathering in the parking lot at all hours of the night. Niggers playing loud rap music at all hours. Niglets running around unsupervised all the time, bothering me for money.
I'm getting my CPL as soon as possible and moving out of this shithole complex ASAP, I probably won't even last the whole 3 months. I knew about this sub before and thought you were all bigots who were holding America back. I'm sorry. I did not understand. I HATE these people and you have yet another convert for this sub who has opened his eyes for the first time.
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