Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eliyahou Roth and Fred Goldstein: Evil Pedo Ring Running Youtube Censorship

Lou Saboter

Imagine a world where pedophiles are helped in their quest to shut down all those who expose Zionist power in the United States. Now--hold that thought. Because that's the world you live in, and you might as well appreciate the fact.

Above is a print screen of Mr. Fred Goldstein, a moderator at They Can't, a Zionist censorship operation that performs crowd reporting in order to shoot down videos on Youtube. And, for some reason, they are paying special attention to me, have already destroyed one of my channels, and years of work, and so I've decided to repay the favor and grace you with the information I've gleaned so far.

They Can't appeared to have been started by Eliyahou Roth, who also runs this page.  Other people have noted this, including this site, and this one, but they don't seem to grasp the danger this operation represents since it appears to be growing and not lessening in scope.

They Can't, which exists on Facebook, the web, and on Twitter, is a troll "hasbara" army that is directed to hunt out any and all videos on Youtube which present a point of view that the Zionists do not want out there. By now, it is a pretty well understood fact that the mainstream media is owned by a few individuals, but what is not as well understood is that these individuals are all Zionists and basically control what information and viewpoint you, the "goyim" or cattle as they term you, receive.

This information can in fact be far more harmful than many realize since the roots of Zionism are little comprehended by the public. Many have become familiar with the fact that Israel isn't such a wonderful place thanks to the release of images of the repeated bombings of Gaza which have brought about the deaths of many women and children. However, they may be less familiar with a trend among the Zionist to think that race-mixing in white countries is a solution to racial tension. And by race-mixing I mean whites being eliminated by a process of interbreeding with blacks and asians until there are no whites. This is already well underway, and openly encouraged on many formats, whereas those who speak against it are labelled as racist, antisemitic, crazy, paranoid, or in need of a job involving long hours and tedious labor, thereby short circuiting their ability to think clearly on the matter.

Since I was graced with a period whereby I could focus on these issues, I have awakened to the situation and now want to help others to do the same. In fact, such in the weight of the issue, the destruction of thousands of years of white culture by forced immigration, diversity, multiculturalism, and media manipulation of the public mind, that I am willing to devote all my energies to reversing the situation.

One of Fred's incarnations here threatens physical assault. Remember, I can't be sure if this is his real name, but I do know he moderates They Can't as the Youtube channel and his page and action at Facebook are interconnect.

However, a hindrance  arrived in the form of They Can't, when they decided to encourage their rabid horde to vote down my videos, which censorship was then upheld by the Zionist-controlled Youtube, owned by Zionist-controlled Google. Yes, Zionists control all so much.

And this is nothing new. They have a long history of this sort of thing. And, although you may have changed and become more tolerant of all the foreigners swarming your country, that doesn't mean that they have changed. In fact, your blindness to their ways has enabled them to rise to heights of power that threatens the future of all life on Earth.

You may think I'm just angry about my videos being shot down, and yes, I abhor tyrannical abuse of the 1st Amendment, and it is also a personal crisis for me to see the curtain closing on open inquiry online.

And so, I fight them directly, and I am nakedly honest about it. I hope to instill an example thereby, because the time is long past to resist this moneyed tyranny the Zionists represent.

And there are even deeper and uglier roots to the sort of behavior that the Zionists are showing. Perhaps you think that their religion is simply based on the Old Testament, and their culture is shaped by that. But most do not hear about the Babylonian Talmud, a book which recommends pedophilia.

Once you are aware of this, it is no surprise that Fred Goldstein, empowered by the Zionist owners of Youtube and by Eliyahou Roth, who also runs this website promoting Jewish emigration to France, is openly displaying pedophilic behavior while using They Can't for cover.

I have, in fact, spoken to a parent of child who was targeted by Mr. Fred Goldstein. He is a con artist, and tries to play on people's weakness, as evinced by comments to young children, and mentally disturbed individuals.

Here he is telling a man who thinks he is being attacked by secret government weapons that "Nazis" are doing it. Using another name, he also offers said individual a back rub.

 And next he attacks someone for using the word "Christmas" which I would hope would be informative to all your Christian Zionists out there. Christian Zionism is an oxymoron.

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