Thursday, January 1, 2015

"They Can't" Creating Censorship of Youtube in Service of Zionist Masters, Defend Pedophilia

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."  -- Voltaire

By Lou Saboter

(this is a very loose article--if you want to look into it click the links and you'll find sources--good luck fellow goyim! These guys mean business!)

Zionists pay people to troll online to control dissent.The Jewish International Task Force also creates false Facebook and twitter accounts to police conversations.

America is run by the Jews and they admit it. But when we notice it we are labelled antisemitic.
America laws are being rewritten to exclude Christian principles like charity, and being replaced by principles supporting the complete enslavement of the non-Jews, which is their agenda. Hence the usury prison we find ourselves in, which was really the case since 1913 and the institution of the Federal Reserve.

"They Can't", a Facebook page, scours Youtube for videos they deem offensive and encourages people to report them, and then brags about them being taken down. They have targeted one of my videos which presents truth.

This prevents the people of the United States, who are mainly Christians, from realizing the hidden Talmudic agenda behind these actions.

Currently, the United States is behaving as little more than a puppet of Zionism, it's military and economic policy increasingly engineered to beat all who oppose Israel into submission. Wesley Clark admitted as such as part of followup to 911.

Benjamin H Freedman warns of this Jewish conspiracy back in 1961. The Talmudic Jews believe it is their right to kill, rob, and corrupt the goyim. Perversion is being normalized in the United States because these Talmudic Rabbis want us to accept it.

Later, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush completed the total transfer of power to the Jews. Noahide laws embraced by President Bush also call for beheading of those who reject the Torah, which these rabbis define as including Christians

911 helped set the centerpiece to this coup. They are the only ones who make sense.

Oh yeah,  they also killed JFK. And the Holocaust story is mostly fabricated.

Well placed disinfo agents have been placed to prevent you from attaining these facts, along with text books, institutions, the mainstream media, and Hollywood.

They have so much power that they did 911, made it obvious it was them, that they knew beforehand, and yet they get no grief from the government or media. 

After that, it gets disturbing.

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