Monday, December 8, 2014

Why You Don't Think about Your Zionist Owners

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

By Lou Saboter

Distrust of the government has been trending upwards ever since 9/11.

The official story, as is force fed into the public consciousness through the Zionist-controlled media, is up against the squelched voices that manage to gain attention online. And the shadow government has plans for that as well.

It is a little broadcast fact that the CIA has a long history of working alongside "mental health" practitioners who could more honestly be called torturers or mind control technicians. This supposedly ended in the 1970s, but a massive amount of evidence indicates that government operations are still informed and building on them.The most overt example being the use of torture and interrogation techniques used at Guantanamo Bay. According to sources, these were also extensively practiced in Iraq and Afghanistian.

One somewhat well known example of this is the case of Dr. Donald Ewan Cameron, who served not only the CIA, but as "as President of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations, the American Psychopathological Association and the Society of Biological Psychiatry. Dr. Cameron developed experiments in mind control, often termed MK Ultra that involved LSD, electroshock, and subliminal messages, and used test subjects against their will. In other words, quite disturbingly, to those who love freedom, Dr. Cameron helped shape modern psychiatry, which means that it was designed to designate those who oppose tyranny as having mental illness.

Meanwhile, as the country launches into turmoil over the militarized, automatically exonerated police, how does one even contemplate standing up against a power that has programmed the whole country into believing that disagreeing with the television is a form of insanity? And a country that has been forced to purchase Obamacare which will be implemented to force medicate the young so that they can't even acquire the biological wherewithal to contemplate dissent?

Yes, take the blue pill, or else, you know, leaked documents revealed plans to "re-educate" dissidents in FEMA camp-like facilities. And, well, is it much of a stretch to call those facilities "universities" now?

Meanwhile, they whole country of America has been turned into a nation of immigrants. This places us all under the power of the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the immigrant class. Of course, America is now an extension of Israel, and those of us of the goyim class are all immigrants now, or you could think of us as the new Palestinians. In fact, the militarized police were trained by Zionists, often including key players being flown to Israel to hammer in the message.

I mean, really, if we're all immigrants, and all immigrants are citizens, where does that leave American sovereignty? And who benefits? 

Oddly, the fact that all the key power players in the United States are either Jewish or under the whim of Jews doesn't strike many Americans as sinister. It's possible that being plugged into the TV and music from birth has a role in this. And some even suggest the use of other technologies, hidden in the cell tower network, might be used to sway public opinion covertly.

But that's just wild speculation, or is it? Well, according to this Jewish reporter, it isn't, at least in regards to Hollywood. Apparently, a Jewish reporter can point out Jews run Hollywood and call Americans stupid and it's fine. But if Mel Gibson or Gary Oldman do it--they're crazy racist Nazis.

Perhaps this is no surprise is we remember the roots of modern psychology. Sigmund Freud was the originator of many of the techniques by which propaganda is shaped, and Edward Bernays, his nephew, brought the goods to America. It is probably quite correct to line up the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the First World War, the League of Nations, and the Tavistock Institute to get an overview of how Jewish control of the American public filtered into all our lives. And you could throw in the takeover of 25 newspapers by Zio-Puppet JP Morgan.  The Federal Reserve Act basically handed them control of the money, WWI was fought on their behalf, the League of Nations was created to globalize their power, and the Tavistock Institute was formed to mind control the world into obedience to the Star of David.

And, with a few bumps in the road here and there, like the American's annoying tendency to cling to guns and Bibles, it's been moving ahead at the slowly boiling frog pace ever since. But Tavistock inspired tactics can still be seen in such "events" like the Ferguson operation. Well, until recently, when it seems that there's one horrifying leap of tyrannical strangleholds after the next whether it's fracking, surveillance, the smart grid, FISA courts, loss of the right to remain silent, Obamacare, or the upcoming kill switching of the internet under the corporate run FCC.

Now, large swaths of the public, thanks largely to the internet, which ironically originated as a national security weapon, have their suspicions. But is a mass awakening at hand? Or a mass confusion?

Truthers are being targeted for censorship, and branded dangerous. More than one mass shooter claimed to be the victim of mind control. The police escape legal consequences while those that film them are not so lucky. And environmentalists march against carbon dioxide, a natural substance, demanding action from those who created the problem in the guise of the World Bank.

Meanwhile the Hollywood/media/CIA has become so obvious, that some of their productions are actually banned, probably out of embarrassment, like the beheading of James Foley which was used as a psychological pretext to launch a war against ISIS which is actually a war against Syria. These guys need to find better actors.

While some fear concentration camps, it could be argued the whole planet is becoming one. A world in usury debt--owing the Zionist money-lenders debt thanks to the wars, pollution, poverty, and spiritual bankruptcy their policies have helped create. Meanwhile, those the part and parcel of the very things continually distracting you from the source of the problems.

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