Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pre-Crime Thought Policing in Progress: Offensive Posts


By Lou Saboter

(warning: the truth is stranger than the fiction it produces. For instance: So, our alien designers put a third eye in our brain so we could get messages from them. But our Illuminati masters put fluoride in the water and wiped out the shamans so that kind of thing would stop happening. It is probably for our own good. Hey, did you sign up for FEMA camp yet?)

The launch of the next phase of the police state is underway, with the Chicopee Police Dept. pursuing charges against a citizen for a Facebook post that appears to reference Ismaaiyl Brinsley's social media statements that were written directly before he allegedly shot two police officers and then himself. The officers in question were conducting a anti-terror drill on overtime.

Police have been on the lookout for "offensive statements". This was all that Dirosa did. He posted "Put Wings on Pigs" on Facebook. Apparently, this combination of words is now a chargeable offense even if pigs evolve and start flying in the meanwhile. Or even if you are referencing your desire to eat bacon-encased chicken wings. Or if he was suggesting that cops should try Red Bull, since they often appear lethargic. Or maybe he meant that we should all ring bells and angels, i.e. cops, would get wings, because the men in blue truly are angels walking upon this lowly Earth.
The important thing is not to offend the delicate ear of the police, for they are a sensitive lot. Except when they choke something to death and then march around with t-shirts that read "I CAN BREATHE." OK, so there's that.

Police Poetry Underappreciated, NYPD Warns

Police Said this shirt was misinterpreted. It actually has poetic reverberations that the offensive public is too illiterate to appreciate.
Luckily, double standards apply, and citizen's rights will be taken away to make sure that the possibility of a police officer being harmed, or offended becomes increasingly remote. Meanwhile, the possibility of citizens being tasered, beaten, and executed by police with no charges sticking increases all the time.

This is especially true if you are a lower class citizen, because the value of a human being depends upon their wealth, skin color, station, and/or photogenic gifts, and not upon inalienable rights as some crazy Constitutionalists, truther, do-gooder and/or other hate groups would have you believe.

In fact, the SPLC has determined there are "general hate groups" who could be anyone who disobeys Obama in any way. The SPLC is committed to the suppression of offensive speech, such as "Fuck the Police" or "Obama is a gay Muslim socialist from Kenya", and now "Put Wings on Pigs."

New phrases are being added to the compendium of chargeable offenses all the time. In fact, Morris Dees was quoted as saying "Don't you see that the whole aim of the SPLC is to narrow the range of thought?"

Luckily, Hate Groups are increasing, so we can spend less time worrying whether someone is guilty

Thanks to the University of Cincinnati Institute of Crime Science (ICS), the utilization of social media as part of an effort to crackdown on gangs (i.e. all citizens) has swept through the nation. In May 2008, they used social media to compile statistical computations of what perceived gang tactics would be. Their target, the Northside Taliband, was allegedly involved in drug trafficking, drive-by shootings, and armed robbery. A student helped police create a program to better organize their data, and to help them scour the internet for more useful information. The result was said to be that the police found vital evidence in rap songs, photos of gang signs, pictures of weapons, and on bumper stickers passing by out front.

                                                                                         This is all the proof I need!

From there, the police soon hatched a scheme to take this vital evidence and use it to model future behavior, based on their logic that present behavior is based on past behavior. As Eric Holder famously quipped at a Bank of England sensitivity training seminar, "If we can control the present, the future will never happen. If the future never happens, then forget about the past."

Eric Holder more recently noted that the"rate of violent crime that was reported to the FBI in 2012 was about half the rate reported in 1993". This is in no small part thanks to the increased number of guns owned by Americans. In order to facilitate an increase of violent crimes committed by police on so-called citizen (i.e. "nation of immigrants") it is mandatory that these guns be removed.

6 Million Jews and 500,000,000 Surivivors!

What we want is cowering gun owners, and cowering believers in free speech who refuse to recognize that corporations are people, and "they the people" legally aren't. In this world, the police shall bear no risks to themselves as they dutifully reduce the population on behalf of our benevolent Illuminati chieftains, and remove the fangs from troublesome Americans who cling to their Bibles and guns. In the words of Jeremiah Wright: God Bless America.

It is also important that you report family member to Big Black Brother, and, if possible, steal their guns and bring them to a local official.

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