Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Drilling Permit in Santa Rosa County, Florida by Quantum Resources Management

Anti-Fracking Movement of Lee County

Quantum Resources Management LLC, based in  HOUSTON, TX 7 has applied for drilling permit #1365 in Santa Rosa, Florida, with the Florida DEP.

This was dated 11/20/2014. The site is near Bray Mill Creek.

It was submitted about 6 days before the announced departure of DEP secretary Herschel Vinyard.

Cliff Wilson was named his replacement by Gov. Rick Scott, raising the hackles of some enviros who wonder at his length of experience as Amendment 1 begins implementation. 
Alan Smith and Joseph L. Campbell head QRM.

Yoland Perez, regulatory manager of QRM noted that there would be a "newly constructed pad", "new utility corridors and road" and that "fresh water wells" within the Jay/LEC Gas Plant at Jay, Florida would provide water. So called "storm water runoff" would be contained "by a berm constructed around the drilling location."

It is to be a vertical well, says Perez's letter. The drill will go down 15,910’.

Use of cementing is mentioned for protecting the water, but this has been shown to be flawed for a large percentage of cases due to methane migration and other problems. Releases of deadly hydrogen sulfide gas are another possible concern.

An aerial view shows nearby residences.Residents can contact
Sheriff Dept
Jay, Florida
Fire Dept
Jay, Florida
Jay, Florida

Bosso Imhof said the well was planned for "1.4 miles northwest of Jay" in an area of "planted pine in the 20 year range" in their wetlands determination.

Species in area include the gopher tortoise, Eastern Indigo snakes (threatened), and red-cockaded woodpeckers (endangered). Drilling operations can affect water quality and quantity in the area.

Here is a diagram of the well layout--generated by IDM Equipment.

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