Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ferguson Psyop Cover Up Continues

By Lou Saboter

Continuing to cover their tracks, the Zionist-government operatives running #OpKKK created more drama aimed at sucking in gullible young people. Now, the joke is that you don't know if Anonymous is the KKK, or KKK is Anonymous.

However, few have yet guessed they'll all been the same guys all along--which greatly facilitates "hacking", by the way.

Ironically, it's called the "Battle of the Masks", which is really all it is.
Anonymous, of course, is among the easiest groups for the government to infiltrate. And on Twitter, it's even easier. No one knows anyone's actual identity. Pretty solid proof of the government using Twitter for psyops was revealed back in August when it was shown that hundreds of accounts were sharing the same memes aimed at stirring up old racial tensions.

The degree to which this has been choreographed is truly mind bending. Not only is the history of Michael Brown open to interpretation, but the central "KKK" figure, Frank Ancona, who has been played up by both the SPLC and MSNBC, and Anonymous, is highly suspect. One minute he is the hated white racist KKK icon with ties to the police, the next he is concerned about Jews, and the next he is hugging up on a black man associated with the SPLC.

Before that, Frank Ancona was putting out fliers in black and Hispanic communities to bring the KKK name back to life in their minds.

Mighty Chummy with the KKK aren't They?

What is really going on here? The government is using the TAKKK as a prop, and using the SPLC, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton to stir up the black communities as needed to create a distraction whenever new antisemitism laws, military operations, and unpopular spying allowances, and creepy regulations need passage--along with a monumental immigration reform bill striking at American sovereignty.

And why? Why for the greater good of Zionism, of course. Keep everyone chasing ghosts, corrode society with hatred of police (just as Obama said it does), and bring in immigrants to further weaken the middle class. Furthermore, adding the immigrants to social security further weakens that, another goal of the elitists.

Obama wants to corrode society. And we are now a "nation of immigrants" under the direction of the Zionist-run Department of Homeland Security.

America is an extension of Israel, the police state now firmly established.

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