Sunday, November 30, 2014

Agenda 21 Officiary Set Up At FGCU

By Lou Saboter

The New World Order is coming to town.

Right here in Fort Myers, a model United Nations is being set up in order to further the acceptance of Agenda 21 in the student mind and the community.

Thanks to the Naples Council on World Affairs, FGCU students will now have the chance to acquaint themselves with the workings of the United Nations inside a carefully constructed propaganda bubble. This will also involve local high schools.

Also in on the action will be NGO, or non governmental organizations. Interestingly, the Red Cross and the World Bank head off a list which also includes Amnesty International, Save the Children, and Oxfam. NGO's have often proven effective tools for promoting the Zionist agenda as the testimony of Nurse Nusriyah demonstrates. In fact, all NGO's are infiltrated and simply players promoting a one world government, which is straight out of the Tavistock playbook.

Who funds Agenda 21.


Lee County Smart Growth

 LCEC Smart Grid

UF Lee County Extension 

Lee County Government Sustainability Section

Lee County Transportation Grants

Agenda 21 is apparently at peace with fracking while it opposes the release of a natural substance: carbon dioxide. This makes FGCU a perfect site for the model UN as it has frackers on its Board of Trustees. The great thing about fracking is it poisons groundwater and pushes people off the land, which Agenda 21 thinks is a great idea as this map demonstrates.

Oh, the places you Can't Go!

If we're so concerned about global warming, why is oil and gas production on the increase in the United States, much of it for export, meaning it is burned and ends up in the same atmosphere?

And if you don't think American sovereignty is under attack, think again. Obama just made us a "nation of immigrants" for a reason. And the DHS and ICE concur. And, no doubt, the Zionist trained, militarized police will play a crucial role.

Lest you forget, eugenicist labs have partnered with FGCU. Yes, Jackson Labs does genetic modification, and has the backing of Blake Gable, a Collier family employee and FGCU trustee. In other possibly connected news, genetically modified mosquitoes are to be released in our environment. Meanwhile, dengue is part of a project at FGCU, and the genetically modified mosquitoes are part of an effort to combat dengue. Coincidence? Perhaps.

And never mind the mosquito drones, for which these stories or realities could provide cover. But that's DARPA. Good old DARPA. Oh yeah, and BAE Systems, the former employer of the former DEP Secretary, Herschel Vinyard.

And that's just the official story. What's the real person of these mosquitoes and genetic experiments? Monsanto's genetically altered food is felt by many to be a form of eugenics. And the notion of a one world government is backed by the same people who back the global warming hoax, increasing vaccinations, and genetically modified food.

The Model UN claims it is opposed to Monsanto, but this is just lip service. Monsanto is at the forefront in international trade agreements being rushed into around the world.

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