Sunday, November 9, 2014

3 Public Schools Surround Breitburn Tank Battery

from the Anti-Fracking Movement of Lee County

A short video that notes the precarious location of the Breitburn tank battery in Lehigh Acres.

It was previously noted that a fracking rig was set up behind Sunshine Elementary School during summer break. It is now operational and has pipes running across waterways to the tank battery above.

The pipes carry combustible material and the tank battery stores it, while burning some off. 

However, only the results of former inspections were available at DEP's webpage for the storage tank battery, where it is noted that air pollutants are produced, of course.

Flares has been targeted by the industry as a waste of money. Proposals to reduce the loss of revenue by flares involve constructing more pipelines. The point of the flare? There can be several. To dispose of that which can't be sold into the air we all breathe is one, which happens for whatever the motive. According to one source, "solution gas flaring" would fit the bill here as it occurs at storage tank batteries:

Natural gas contained in crude oil is called "solution gas". Flaring is used to dispose of natural gas produced along with crude oil and bitumen. If at all possible, this gas is recovered and pipelined to a processing facility. When oil is underground, the pressure of the reservoir holds gas in the oil and the pressure is reduced when the oil comes to the surface. This occurs at facilities called "batteries" where production from one or more wells is produced and stored.

Of interest were two satellite dishes. There were also communication towers by nearby wells. What purpose could these serve?

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