Sunday, November 2, 2014

Psilocybin Prophecies of Luke Schwanda

Luke Schwanda, our test subject, describes his visions from a psilocybin trip which he believed had prophetic import.
In preparation for the trip, he removed fluoride and processed foods from his diet for several months, and drank chaga tea copiously for several days beforehand. He also spent a great deal of time in meditation and communicating with his god concept which he described as "akin to the Hindu conceptions, although not perfectly in agreement with them, nor they with themselves."
After a period of fasting and examination of his conscience, he ingested some 7 grams of psilocybin-bearing fungus.
He realized later that for the purposes he had in mind a smaller quantity would have been preferable.
Unable at this time to fully explain the nature of his visions, he submitted this short list.

--I saw a machine that defied laws of physics. It may have been of alien design, but it is in existence, and its purpose is control. It uses wheels that are a re-invention of the wheel that are interlocking similar to gears but the teeth are electro-chemical in nature and it spans several dimensions to achieve its effects.

--I saw that blood sacifice is the root of Illuminati's power and this can be reduced to a numerical code.

--I saw that the Illuminati were divided against themselves, to their detriment. There were cut up in fragments, like in a stained glass window.

--I saw power was based on illusions and is one.

--I thought of an invention--a mask that can make expressions. In the future, the government will force all citizens to wear such masks in public in order to limit their ability to communicate.

--I saw "sex" demons attacking a restaurant.

--A saw blacks packed together like sardines, as slaves, with a flag and Martin Luther King Jr. hovering over them. In the future, genetically modified African-Americans will be made into laboring cyborgs which incorporate several fully grown heads grown together inside.

--I saw the use of emblems as a form of entrancement from Illuminati.

--I saw the reach of the worldly power was near total.

--However, I saw that they can't win.

--Because their illusion can only go so far.

--I saw a false flag being planned for a harbor. The attack will start a new war which will collapse the American economy.

--I saw that children are being destroyed as a sacrifice to Satan. This is done through the food and water supplies which have been purposefully contaminated for this effect, and through the media.

--That there is a "God" but his/its nature is not understood by anyone. Maybe someday I'll find a way to attempt to explain what was revealed to me there. But it was totally shocking.

--I saw that my "self" was an illusion that could be blown out like a candle, and attempting to cling to it was absurd and brought suffering.

--The Synagogue of Satan is root of the issues.

--Concentration camps are being readied. The slaughter of Americans will be immense.

--Americans are being programmed to hate each other to ignite civil discord which will be added to by bioweapons.

--Icons of revolution have been co-opted for this effect. The most peaceful will become the most violent. Everything will backfire while still bringing vast destruction.

--All American wars were based on nothing but the extension of the plans for an erection of a New World Order, and this has been the case since 1776. The Boston Massacre was a false flag, and the Boston tea party had nothing to do with taxes.

--On the back of the dollar bill there is a Native American on one side of the pyramid and a black slave on the other. This is because the extermination of the Native Americans and the slavery of the blacks built the power of the New World Order. This can't be seen without the third eye opening. There are many other such features of the dollar bill which are likewise invisible to those whose third eyes are damaged.

--I felt like I was experiencing what it was like to be a whale.

--I felt like my third eye opened and I could see in every direction including forward and backward in time. Space and time were folded out in translucent sheets which could be focused in on the details revealing the spiritual components of situations everywhere.

--Only those who recognize they have a soul have the ability to decide to see the truth.

--I saw all the powers of darkness, and what their plans were, for me and everyone, and I saw I could make a difference.

--I saw Hell. There were fractal, interwoven, beehive like containers for demonic powers and condemned souls and they were pure malevolence.

--I saw another "alien" machine that wasn't just mechanical and electronic (like the first one) or mechanical, electronic, quantum and Egyptian (like the 2nd one) but was all of the above plus had two separate biochemical technologies combined in it that seemed to represent a sort of transhumanistic being that may exist some billions of years from now. Both carbon-based and silicon-based lifeforms had been incorporated into it. It consisted of endless raised circles which melted and intermingled with each other and formed microcosmic extrapolations that produced universes whereby to power obscene operations that I am still struggling to put into words. Our Universe is one such result.

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