Thursday, November 13, 2014

Obama's Climate Deal is Cover for Producing New World Order


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."-- Albert Einstein

By Lou Saboter

The Asian Pacific Economic summit has lead to a so-called climate change deal which calls for a reduction of carbon dioxide and oxone-causing emissions. As the liberal media ululates and the conservative media yowls, the controlled opposition serves its dark purpose: formation of the New World Order.

I don't believe the two-party political professional wrestling system is the story here. Both sides are just puppets. One side pushing global power as the solution to corporate overreach. The other side pushing corporate overreach as the solution to globalization. Where is the sane side? Nowhere to be seen in the mainstream media.

As usual, things are timed to coincide with an election, and the big, ugly, obscure changes are being instituted, hidden in plain sight, misreported, and against the common interests of nearly all of mankind. Except for a small band of elitists who appear to have decided we should be grateful to them for a history of war, pollution, banksterism, and fear mongering. This deal is being done under an unconstitutional war with ISIS, which is really an attack on Syria's infrastructure and attempt to further pressure Iran, a country that still resists the New World Order's plans. We are also seeing more gestures aimed at forcing North Korea to stop resisting the New World, with no compromises offered.

Meanwhile, remember, powerless American citizens, you are stupid: stupid virus, stupid to accept Obamacare, and represented in Dumb and Dumber To. Yes. Keep that in mind.

Furthermore: China is at the center of this deal. China appears to me to be the model for the New  World Order. It's the land of a censored internet (coming soon to the USA!), forced abortions, low wage workers who have to be prevented from committing suicide on the job, and a population manipulated into abject conformity.

The story being put out in our puppeteer mainstream media is that Obama is protecting us from the Wicked Witch of Global Warming. But the mainstream media barely ever mentioned the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is promted by the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat. This secretive treaty has been described by Jim Tower as a " a supersized and nuclearized NAFTA".  The Trans Pacific Partnership is supported by Monsanto and Wal-Mart. And you're not invited to know the details.

What these deals forming will really do is break down national sovereignty and allow yet more exploitation of the working class by the ruling class of an increasingly international corporate/government hegemony. Just as NAFTA helped to break down the middle class of the United States, forcing workers to compete with workers all over the world, these new deals will break down all protections for citizens against exploitation even further.

On the world stage, there is also no sane side to be seen among the rulers who took part in APEC. Putin and Obama have been playing at WWW III brinkmanship, pushing the entirety of humanity toward a desire for a peaceful conclusion. China is the connector of the two, bringing them all into a unified field of fracking, signified by the Russian-Chinese gas deal brokered just before Obama's emissions deal. 

Meanwhile, there has been no serious sign that fracking will be reducing, although coal plants and emissions will be addressed. The question remains about how can we say global warming is really the point of these negotiations as America continues to be turned into the fracking version of the new Saudi Arabia?

Are we supposed to trust Obama's good intentions? Obama green-lighted fracking. Obama militarized the police. Obama created a secret court to to break the Bill of Rights. Obama harasses journalists, dissenters, and jails whistleblowers. 

Is global warming just a cover to frack our land, poison our water, and ensure Internationalist hegemony? I am rather convinced this is part of it. The resources that the people depend upon are being poisoned or seized. The economic divide is yawning, despite a suspiciously convenient lowering of gas prices, and supposed low unemployment.

Do we know for sure what is causing global warming? Do we really?

Perhaps if I was given the minutes of all the Bilderberg Group meetings, I'd support what is coming out of APEC.

Agenda 21 is going full steam ahead.

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