Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Pledge of Allegiance

(why should children be brainwashed with oversimplified statist adherence mixed in with religion? I propose a new pledge that they will only understand once they're matured mentally and physically, but will remember when the time is right--ps: I'm not disputing God's existence here. I am open minded in that regard. It's about mind control.)

I pledge to question
everything the government
tells me, and whatever
the media repeats as "official"
mindlessly without actually
delving into what produced
the information and the motives
that may lay behind
the narrative I'm being presented with.
I resolve to remind public officials
that we have rights guaranteed
in the Constitution that it is their
duty to uphold.
Should these rights be trampled
upon due to corruption
I shall be forced to water
the Tree of Liberty
as Thomas Jefferson recommended
in order to defend the Republic
for which America stands
one nation
not beholden to any private enterprise
with liberty and justice for all
despite their economic standing.
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