Sunday, November 16, 2014

Is This "Robbie Parker" from the Sandy Hook Story?

By Lou Saboter


Interestingly, the idea of mix and match identities was explored by David Lynch as a tactic of both witches, criminals, and the intelligence community in Lost Highway and Twin Peaks. Is it also done in "real life." (I'm so "skeptical" I just put quotes there, crazy.)

According to many a conspiracy analyst, Sandy Hook was a false flag. It's one of those stories that won't go away, and an element of it is that some of the persons portrayed on the media were not actual grieving or concerned parents but crisis actors. This has actually become a running joke in conspiro circles where now notes are compared on possible repeated use of crisis actors, and speculation about the depth which which the mainstream media has been an intelligence agency instrument.

Robbie Parker, who was incongruously smiling and joking before suddenly hyperventilating and crying, was said to have several aliases. One claim was that he had a Youtube alias of Eugene Rosenberg.

This video above portrayed a Eugene Rosenberg. Does he bear a resemblance to Robbie Parker? Perhaps, but the image is unclear. Also, the video may have been "planted" by someone trying to hype the crisis actor theories.

Supposedly his real name is Samuel Travis Delaney. According to another site, this is Robbie Parker's (and that's his real name) bio:

He is a Mormon, according to other sources. So, it's all rather inconclusive at first and second glance. And a poorly produced video just adds to the possibility of a conspiracy to produce a conspiracy. Whereas there are reasons to doubt the official story, not even alternative offers much conclusiveness.

Here is Robbie Parker's presentation is at Sandy Hook. His sudden change of demeanor is evident.

This source claims Robbie Parker is promoting various Freemason and government backed programs to collect data and track kids, and to enhance surveillance of the populace.

It was previously discovered that Laura Phelps, another person considered by some to be a crisis actor(ress) had a background in acting. She appeared with Nick Phelps on camera at Sandy Hook (we think).

This video was uploaded by another youtube account under the name "Eugene Rosenberg." Which still proves nothing, per se. It could be a statement of someone who thinks they've "caught" the crisis actors...

Here's an image of Laura and Nick Phelps.

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